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Celestia and Luna


My last piece before Bronycon - This will be on limited edition canvas!

Wanted to do something with a really wide format for some reason o_o 

Experimenting with painting on one layer (until the end when I got fed up with redoing the horns over and over).

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Created with Adobe Photoshop.

Some of my other MLP drawings!
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Literally gorgeous

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Really glad I found this! So majestic. =D
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Thanks so much!
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Thank you for making and posting it! :)
Sorry for the VERY late reply, been super busy with my life. Hope yours is going good. Stay safe and healthy!
Let kindness lead the way, and have a nice day! B-)
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They're both earth-shatteringly beautiful. My Little Pony's not really my type of fandom, but the shading is so smooth and I'm loving the eyelashes. I love your art, dude. Well bloody done!
clap clap 
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Thank you very much!
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This is awesome! Your art is amazing!
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Got a question- would it be possible to buy some prints from you and pick them up at anime boston next year? I love this (was it at AB?) As well as Mufasa in the sky
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Unfortunately I wont be at Anime Boston this year ><  I'll try again in 2019 ;o;
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Aww dang! I feel like you're always there ;_;
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Yeah I usually am ;o;
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I will miss you and your deal sorely ;_;

D'ya remember me? I lug a giant Toothless about the same size of me around on my back
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That is just wonderful!
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I love ALL YOUR ART!!!! MLP FIM is one of favorite tv shows, sadly I can only watch it on Netflix which is a HUGE struggle. Anyone else have the same?
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Thank you so much :D
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this is Gorgeous <3
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