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Silver Leaf - Approval

By tsand106
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Name: Silver Leaf
Sex: Female
Species: Imperial
Creation: Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Nestly Magic
Hatch Location: Vêr'Weg (A small town a few days from Wynsiph)

Personality: Silver Leaf is still an infant and has yet to develop a personality (Though I know exactly where it's going from here). Silver Leaf is the only daughter of Amaria Etoile, a world-renowned dancer coming from a long line of dancing 'royalty'. She has a few older brothers who have all followed in her mother's footsteps, becoming wonderful dancers in their own right, but now that Amaria finally has a daughter, the dancing world is watching to see if the legacy of the Etoile name will continue.

I can't believe I finally get to create this little imp, I designed them almost 2 years ago now and fell in love. Since then I have tortured myself by doodling them and fully developing their character. I honestly thought they would be a dream child forever... ;~;


Silver Leaf belongs to tsand106 :sad: 
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Could you give me a tiny bit of that nestly magic?
hyph0n's avatar
Nestly used the .magik command on a MYO ticket again.
This’ll be fun! What a kid!
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Indeed, I have many plans for this kid that should be fun, so I look forward to sharing their story with people
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Such a cutie and her color scheme is beautiful, I love those shades of blue!!!!
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Thank you very much, took lots of tweaking to end up with those colours.
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Vêr'Weg Oooooo sounds like a cool town name. And a cool story so far! Can't wait to see it expand! 

I'm glad you like her! :D
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I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone, it's been developing in my head for the past two years after all, so there's a lot to say tell haha.
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love these bluuuues, she's so pretty!
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Thank you, it is a very soft palette that I really love ^^
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I would honestly die for her
(Also, happy birthday! :heart: )
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May you rip
And thank you!
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SO CutE I lOve hEr
tsand106's avatar
Thanks, I do too
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what a cute little lady
tsand106's avatar
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WOAHH how'd you get this little guy? :-0
tsand106's avatar
About two years of hard work and selling my soul to wyngro lol
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*happy sigh*

She is so beautifulllll
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Wait, does this mean you have two Imps? That's so lucky! I'm so jealous!
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No, Silver Leaf is my first and only imp. The other imp I draw a lot is my best friend's imp.
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Woops, I looked to the suggested pictures and saw ones of Sailis (I'm bad with spelling names) that you had drawn. My mind instantly went "that must connect."

Sorry about that!
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You're all good haha
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NEW IMP!!!!!!
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