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Hello My Precious Treasure



Papillon slowly came to as a gentle paw pat her on the shoulder

"Papillon dear," the kind voice said, "it's time to wake up." Her eyes blinked tiredly as the world came into view.

"Morning Alma" She yawned, recognising the motherly voice. For a moment Pappy had no idea what she was doing at the nook until she heard a tiny little yawn from beneath her wing. Carefully lifting her wing, she found the tiny little imp sleepily blinking at her as he was greeted by his first morning sun. "Well hi there." She said smiling at the infant, the wyngling smiled back happily, still fighting off the sleep.

"Well would you look at that!" Alma said sweetly, "I think he likes you"

"Say Alma," Papillon said, looking at the older wyngro with hope.

"Yes Dear?" The kindly biped asked, a knowing look in her eyes.

"Has anyone come forward to adopt him yet?"

"Well I did have a few families who seemed rather interested, but he is an imp, so I don't want him going to a family merely for status." She said sternly

"If it's not too much trouble would maybe consider me?" Papillon asked staring longingly at her motherly figure "I have a place of my own and I know I don't have the best job right now, but I'm working my way there and I'm so close to the Nook, Silas could come here and make friends with the other wynglings while I'm out working and-"

"Silas?" Alma asked, smiling as Papillon blushed.

"I...I named him Silas..." She said sheepishly, "I hope that's ok, there was no name tag near his egg, so I just assumed..."Pappy trailed off, perhaps she had been foolish. She'd allowed herself to get attached to the little wyngling within a few hours and she didn't even know if she could be his mother. She smiled at the little imp as he started to venture around on his still wobbly legs, a lump in her chest at the thought of not being able to bring him home with her.

"Well it's certainly a unique name, mind sharing what it means?" Alma asked, snapping Pappy away from her thoughts.

"Of the forest." She said, catching Silas with her tail as his latest attempt at walking failed him.

"The little Imp from the forest and his mom the butterfly, that sound like a story I would like to hear, don't you think?" Alma smiled at the little imp as he found himself distracted by the feathery tail.

"Does that mean.."Pappy said, snapping her eyes to Alma's, holding back the sudden tears she felt.

"Yes my dear, I think you would make a fine mother for little Silas." Alma stumbled backwards a bit as the feathery quad launched at her and held her in a tight hug.

"Thank you so much Alma! I promise I won't disappoint you!!" Pappy cried out happily

"I'm sure you won't" Alma laughed, returning the hug. "Now," she said as she release Papilon, "let's get the paperwork done so you can take your son home."

"Right!" Papillon smiled as she walked over to Silas. Carefully she scooped him up and gave her son a hug as he giggled happily. "Welcome to the world my little treasure."


I am so happy that Pappy gets to look after this precious little child! She may not be mom of the year, but she's going to do her darned best to give little Silas the absolute best start in life that she can! 

Thank you so much for the opportunity Mav, I can't wait to see how these two grow together, it's going to be a lot of fun! :D

Silas belongs to MaverickStudio 

I still have to draw Papillon welcoming Silas into his new home properly, I just gt too excited and had to draw something asap when I saw the journal XD

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Okay, this just almost brought me to tears... T_T
I'm so happy for Pappy! She definitely will become an amazing mother for Silas <3