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Celestial Rage

My Solar Flare painting is finally done, I've been working on this on and off since the 22nd of August and it's finally finished, Yay! ^^

I really love how it turned out, it's by far the most work I've ever done on a picture, with well over 20 hours spent on it, but I am glad I did it ^^

Got onto to Equestria Daily, yay! >>
And a second time:…
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She burn everything!
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ho damn. This looks bloody awesome.
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this cant get anymore epic/awesome
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Woah... this is amazing o:
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Just gorgeous! The lighting and detail are very good!
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Epic. :faint:

I am nearly speechless so I'm afraid that's the word I have to choose.
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Roast marshmallows on her mane and tail! XD
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I love how her face is kept hidden; builds the tension very well.
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Wow, great job!

Pity her enemies.
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Assuming there's anything LEFT of them, that is. Methinks there won't even be ashes or a burn mark; she'll straight-up rip their ATOMS apart.
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the colors are great and i really like how her wings look like :D !
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Yeah, this was worth it! Finally finished, congratulations!
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