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Map of Gensokyo



I decided to draw a map of Gensokyo. so that it would be as loyal to Zun's visions...

To aid me in this attempt - I made this chart with MS-Paint (I'll post the finished drawing later).

Here is some "facts" that I base my map on (collected from games and other works by Zun):

Makai = At the mountains behind Hakurei temple
Hakurei temple = East from Misty lake
Misty lake* = center of Gensokyo, foot of Youkai mountain
SDM = Edge of Misty lake
Great Youkai Forest = At the Youkai Mountain
Moriya shrine = Top of Youkai mountain
Giant Pond = near Moriya shrine
To Chireiden = Behind Moriya shrine (Geysir)
Hell = Chireiden is part of it
Forest of Magic = Around Misty lake
Kourindou = Near the Forest of Magic (and human village?)
Human village = Between Bamboo forest and Forest of Magic
Bamboo Forest = Opposite of Youkai Mountain
Eientei = At the Bamboo Forest
Myoren temple** = Near Human village
Mausoleum = Under Myoren temple
Garden of Sun = Near the Valley of Suzuran
Mugenkan (Yuka) = In Garden of Sun
Suzuran = Between Garden of Sun and Sanzu
Sanzu = Flows at the corner of Gensokyo***
Muenzuka = Separated by Sanzu***
Prismrivers = In the forest near Hakugyokurou
Gate to Nether = Somewhere in the mountains (near Prismrivers)
Hakugyokurou = In the Netherworld
Majohiga = Everywhere (at the border of Gensokyo)****
Heaven = By climbing Youkai Mountain

* NOTE: This is Just assumption
** Former crashing site of the Palanquin ship
***Only part of it exists in Gensokyou
**** I didn't draw it to the map, since in the game it was found near the gate, but then again it is said to exists in the border space...

Alice, Marisa and the 3 fairies are located in Forest of Magic.
The house of the 3 fairies is close to Misty lake (Great Fairy wars)...

There might be two entrances to Hell, as in HRtP Reimu goes to Makai or Hell...

Also the entrance to Chireiden is not in Heaven, but behind Moriya shrine (then again one can enter Heaven from Youkai mountain)...
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ummmm i can use it's for my project as a reference for a general map of Gensokyo, really tanks you!