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Hand Painted Texturing Tutorial, Wine Bottle

a little brakedown on an object i recently had to create. it was fun, because i have never really done any opaque object before (except from smaller crystals or stones ofcourse, but not a fully transparent object where i needed to fake that it's kinda transparent) 
i know it's nothing special, but i hope for a few people it will help!! 

softwares: 3ds max (viewport canvas), Photshop
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Just a small question on the uv's

How come you didn't unwrap it as a cylinder? Like puting a seem on one side, and then using the pelt to unwrap it into just 1 long rectangle. Would that be a good idea or easier you think? Im just asking, because thats how i usually do and was wondering if i should do that or try your way :)
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well normally i do that oo, but here i needed to be swift, so i didn't have the luxory to fully unwrap the whole cylinder and so i only needed to paint the half of it :) 
that's why it's overlapped :) 
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Ah ok, makes sence. Thanks :)
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this helped a lot 
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Glad to hear it mate :) 
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Thank you. I love this painterly style just as much as I like the "realistic" style. It's got that special something. By the way, your seam shows a little in the last picture :D
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no problem! :) i'm glad if it was any of help for you
Nice tutorial, I copied it shamelessly and this is what I came up with:
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Nice try :) 
Try to experiment on other forms as well and also understand why to paint it like that, and not just copying :) 
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Very informative, I like your process
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I'm glad if I could be of help :) 
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Really Nice! Good work!
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Fantastic, thank you!  Your texture work is an inspiration.
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you're welcome! also glad to hear that :) 
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i don't even know how to generate the uv map =(
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you can find tons of tutorials mate :) just google "unwrap tutorial for begginers" and you'll find countless
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thx,  man =) and nice tutorial btw (y)
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Like the UV trick. Will keep that one in mind. Thank you!Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
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don't forget that if you do so, you will need to take care of the seams. but when it comes to directly painting onto the model, or projection painting, then it's not really a trouble
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Really cool!

Thanks for the tutorial!
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i'm really glad if it helps! 
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Yes it does! Moar pls! :D
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Could the same painting technique be applied to a character's face?
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