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the Prophet

By Tsabo6
Illustration  for That Which Sleeps




the Muse by Tsabo6the Baron by Tsabo6The Dreadnought by Tsabo6
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© 2015 - 2021 Tsabo6
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I love this! I wanted to make sure it was okay that I put this image on my website with credit leading directly to this page? She looks like the desert people in a book I'm writing, and would love to have a visual for my site. I will NOT be making any profit off of it, as it will just be on a page on…
Let me know if you're cool with this; if not, I can take the image down.
Keep drawing!
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hi there, thanks, the image is copyrighted tho
Oh, okay. Thank you for letting me know!
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I love it. The head is great. I like the clothes borders. The blur is really great too.
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yeah kind of
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Damn badass desing!
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Awnsome art m8 love it  :)
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Cheer to u to m8 :)
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pretty cool !
maybe it would've be cool if we had a part of the face, to make it a bit more "human", if you see what i mean ?
great work anyway !! :D
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You're welcome ! :D
This guy is single-handedly responsible for kickstarting the end of the word.

And he wanted to do it! There's nothing human about him. (And if you're Karth he's actually an ORC under those Robes)
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ah ! i didn't know that !
but what i meant was it would've be nice if we saw a part of the face like an eye, to have something to hold on and not just a fabric, even thought it's a great work !
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