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the Chitin Swarm



The Chitin Swarm is feared far and wide:
for their skilled archers and the few, but unstoppable elite melee fighters, easily recognizable by their heavy chitin armors.
Their biggest weapons, however, are the fearsome large centipedes, which the Swarm raises and trains from hatchlings and their massive beetles,
from whose backs the archers rain down destruction upon their enemies.
But life in the Swarm is hard, always on the move looking for food and new raiding targets. These children of Clan Borboga will find the next few years
especially difficult after the death of their father – foraging for food will be tough until the eldest is strong enough to use the massive bow that he inherited,
while at the same time taking care of their most precious possession, the beetle carrying them with the rest of the horde. Without it,
they'll surely be left behind and would become easy prey for any warrior looking to get their hands on one of the famous Swarm bows.


personal work for world that i am building ( with the big help of few friends )

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updated: made the beetle and the boys bigger, moved the giant centipede
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I realize that critiques are, by their nature supposed to be critical, but I hope you will allow me a moment or two to gush about this image first.

From the moment that I saw this picture I was intrigued. From the beautiful contrast of early evening, to the surrealist nature of the massive insects, to the soft emotional tones of the interactions between the siblings, this piece has something to entice every sense. Every detail of this world is exquisitely rendered, and for a viewer, it leads them down a path of imagination whose depths are boundless. I am no great artist by comparison, nor am I a professional critic, but I do know how to appreciate a masterpiece, and this is one such masterpiece.

With my ravings concluded, I shall endeavor to critique this in a proper way. When I first saw this image, my attention was immediately drawn to the back of the frame. The enormous centipede was an immediate visual grab, and while it’s a bit more muted and subtle as opposed to other elements, its central placement helped to start off the oh-so-important Visual Triangle. From there, my gaze fell to the right, taking in the primary element of this image. The three boys stand out in stunning relief as an anchor of normalcy in the otherwise surrealist image, and it helps to simultaneously keep my mind grounded, and excite my imagination.

What stands out most to me is the excellent use of lighting. The gentle sunset in the background softens the image, with the sun shrinking away behind the dancing colors of the clouds. Meanwhile, the moon stands in the middle ground, large and looming, ready to take its watch over the coming dark. The contrasting sizes really help to convey the tone of the image, both visually, and symbolically.

Taking the accompanying description into consideration, this could be seen to symbolize the reality that the boys now face. Their old life is ending, like the setting sun, while the uncertain future lies ahead, just as the moon is masked behind the clouds. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but that is part of the majesty of this image. It invites onlookers to draw their own conclusions about what the story is, and what the meaning of it all is.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that the detail of this world, ranging from the small flowers innerspersed amongst the grass, to the gentle glow of the lantern upon the beetle’s head, to the style of garments that the boy’s wear, or even the visible contents of the packs that they carry help to draw in the viewers’ attention and keep it. There is always something new to discover when looking at this image, and I would suspect that any passerby who sees this image would be given cause to take a second, and perhaps even a third look. The surreal imagination makes it hard to dismiss, and the talent and exquisite detail make it hard to look away.

If there was one thing that I could recommend as a change, it might be the distant shoulder of the far boy (the one whose neck is covered by the eldest’s finger). Upon closer inspection, it appears perhaps a bit to elongated based upon the perspective. Still, this is a minor grievance, and one inconsequential in comparison to the mastery of the rest of the image.

For what it’s worth, you have inspired within me a desire to learn more about this new world, and have, in the process, earned yourself a new fan.

Amazing work!

Truly well done, and thank you for sharing!