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quick ~80min Overwatch fan art (blizzard new ip )
the character is Tekhartha Zenyatta
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In my opinion, Zenyatta is the only character in Overwatch that is interesting and actually good. I'm not an Overwatch fan at all (Because I'm more of a Team Fortress 2 fan), but I still like Zenyatta though. Oh and I think you did a nice job on this art piece by the way. I like the colors and it looks this would be great for a t-shirt or a phone wallpaper.
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ZenyattaI was designed to be a pacifist. But I will admit...

When I get charged up, I've been known to explode.
Is it ok if I use this artwork in one of my t-shirt designs? Of course I will cite you and put a link to your deviantart page. I'll be waiting for your answer.
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No, it is not okay.
Uh hello. I`m trying to dub a long overwatch comic and I need a adequate thumbnail for the comic. It`s about the story of Zenyatta and I wanted to ask if I could use this image for it.

Of course I`ll leave the name of the author and the link if u want. I`ll be waiting for ur answer.
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2014?! Is this...the first Zenyatta fanart on dA? 
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80 minutes? How the hell!?
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"walk in harmony"
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Buddhist shirtless robot.
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it is only a speedy i will make better one soon
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thanks friend
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Wow, that looks wicked! :D
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Love the feel to it!
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