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Map of Sathadra

By Tsabo6
pencil linework 5+ hours
photoshop tweaking and textures 2 hours
textures by me. free textures in my gallery
Character concepts from the same world here:

Map of free city of Sathad'ra
from my own fantasy world :)
(dark-fantasy steam-punk setting)

some info:
It is the main trade city in west and middle lands at the edge of Rinashani deserd.
Home of all the major guilds, clans and emissaries
Full with huge varieties of races, crafters, merchants and shops. Current ruled by the Council of Zemara

I use this map in my DnD campaign.
Maybe i will add markers and points of interest...or color...

added 9 markers for the districts in town.

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© 2008 - 2021 Tsabo6
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I'm a sucker for fantasy town maps, but this one is a hefty notch above the norm. I love the level of variety and the sense of flow within the walls.
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Bro ¿you takwe commitions?
This is fascinating- the detail given to each house and building, the layout of the major streets, the concept of a river being rearranged to pass under a city- I might try out some of these ideas in maps of my own.  Great work!
haflinger-sama's avatar
Wooha! Really impressive!
I want to make one too but I don't know where to begin. can you give me some tips? :)
Tsabo6's avatar
well tips, its handpainted with pencil :)
kolroling's avatar
i would want to live here in real life.

really nice i will say!

and i see it's drawn by hand also! great detail in it, all the small houses in the common wealth district is so good!
and i really like the farm land outside the city to, and it's good you mark some places so it's easier to know what you looking at, directions. but, some places don't have and been marked, and i'm curious to know what it is.
but to sum it up. it's a good, old time looking, hand drawn, city map.Painter 
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Great job. Looks awesome. I have such trouble with maps--especially city maps. Inspiring.
OctopusGames's avatar
Excellent design, cool city name too.
Dudemaister's avatar
love the amount of detail in this!
wolf6666's avatar
Very well done!! I Love city maps anyway!
KeeganTheAwesome's avatar
Does the river have a name?
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whitetower-exe's avatar
Very nice! Obviously well thought out, and hangs together very well! One thing, though... does the river flow underground or something? Where does it go?
Tsabo6's avatar
Underground tru canals
whitetower-exe's avatar
ahhh makes sense :)

Cool :)
Random223's avatar
- So you are at the merchant district at ... Have to get to the foreign district at Tamuel's house.
- Can we look at the map for a sec?
- No, this is the first part of the quest.
- Damn it! Levitation!
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