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Very unique look. Absolutely impressive, I love how original this design is...
Hello! I am currently working an a fanfic about Athena and Ares, and I was wondering if it would be okay if I could use this as the cover image, or if you would be able to do one with both if them?
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you can use the image in any way u want. I'd also like to read what you write about these two gods.

The story is in progress, and I am working on chapter two. But, here's the link for my story:… 

Thank you for your time, and for letting me use your artwork. I'll give you credit when I post the second chapter. Have a great day!

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She reminds me Katy Perry
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It's really brilliant! :D
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absolutely stunning. She is my favorite of the grecian goddesses, and you have portrayed her masterfully.:heart:
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this is how a real depiction of athena should be, fierce and brave...not like those of anime.
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This is impressive.
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very impresive piece of art :) i love how you have blended beauty with war :) you're amazing:)
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Gives me the chills!

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Ohhhhh.....this is a magnificent masterpiece, marvelous composition! Very well done!
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Thanks. I really appreciate your compliment.
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You are welcome!
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You are welcome!
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Oh, that's beautiful!
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Very original, superb art, bravo!
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Really beautiful work. I love the colors in this illustration. Thanks for sharing.
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Wonderful work! I like it that she doesn't look like the Greek cliché but more like an original representation
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Thanks. I’m glad I could bring such image.
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