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Art Should Not Be Censored

By Tsaalyo
I'm passionate enough to speak out on few things, but this is one of them. If you don't like a certain piece of art, DON'T LOOK AT IT. If you report or otherwise try to take down or demean a piece of art because you personally don't approve of the subject matter, you're not an artist and you shouldn't be looking at things that artists do.

If you approve, here's this stamp for you. Feel free to use it anywhere you want. :)
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People need to get this nailed to their foreheads
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i've been reported before for a gory pic i made, SO not fair :(
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In a way... that's true.

But if this applies to other arts, then this can't be right. For the most part, it shouldn't be censored... but sometimes, the art becomes very inappropriate. Now video games and TV is art, and some of these things I've seen and played is just wrong on many levels. The JP Tokyo Mew-Mew, um... this Square RPG that just escaped my mind, and some scenes in Sailor Moon S and Super S regarding Rini/Chibi-usa. I know cultural differences, but even regarding JP standards, it's just to ridiculous.

Okay, it's mostly just scripting... butwriting is art... right? Is Translation art as well?
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This applies to any form of art, wether it be paintings, to television, to video games. :)
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No... I don't think so.

Mostly yes, but not all. Some HAVE to be censored because it's wrong in many levels. Some scenes in Super S and/or S (Sailor Moon) regarding Rini is wrong... it regards the bathtub...
CrystaltheCool's avatar
Eh? What happened?
Tuxedo-Guy2's avatar
Okay, not Super S... it's not wrong... well... maybe a bit. The Bathtub sequences with Rini and Serena did seem weird, but nothing weird happened... unless I'm blind... which I could be... or not.

but... Square-Enix's Bravery Default is the big one... some sequences with the young characters is wrong, and the localization process was most appropriate here. Skimpy clothing and innuendoes... on the under 18 age... is wrong... there is no way around that in international releases.
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I firmly believe all art should not be censored, no matter how taboo or how strong the stigma against it is.
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Yeah I don't like censored art either.People aren't stupid they can still tell what's going on so I really don't see the point of it.Plus it makes the art look really bad.I understand it's the DA rules so they have to cover it but if it's just nude then I don't see what's so wrong about it if they are not even doing anything.So I guess that's what cropping is for. I really like this stamp so I am going to favorite it thank you for making it!<3
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You're welcome. :)
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I love this stamp...I really do ♥ ^^

you have no clue lol


you can get in trouble for posted censored drawings sometimes because of random dA people...

but people can post real life nudity and genitalia on here...


nudity is art so why isn't drawing it ok too?

pfft not fair just sayin' 

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Some people are just prudes and social justice warriors, lol.
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Speaking of social justice warriors, a prick called me one since I believe in asexuality.
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However there may be other bill(s) similar to them coming down the road, but for now we have won!
MandyLandy62's avatar
I hate to bust your bubble, but SOPA's back...
Happyfish12345's avatar
THe new thing? It does not effect those that do fan-vids, fan-art or fan-fiction.
Tsaalyo's avatar
That's awesome. :)
Happyfish12345's avatar
I know...

ACTA is what we have to worry about now.

Tsaalyo's avatar
If it's not one thing, it's another. -.-
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May I quote you in an essay about censorship in the arts and media that I'm doing for English 4? You're completely supporting my opinion.
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