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Hi guys! My senior design thesis is quickly coming to a close and I need your help in getting to 200 participants. I have been looking for more male participants in the millennial demographic and would greatly appreciate your time and input. The survey only take 5 minutes with no written answers; hopefully it will be an interesting and unique experience. Thanks! :)

Voice & Visuals Survey:…
Hello everyone! I am very excited to announce that I will begin uploading and offering some of my favorite images for fellow Deviants to use. As a photo manipulation artist, stock images are an awesome resource but can be highly difficult to find. Hopefully, my personal inventory can be helpful to other artists for use in digital art, graphic design, and drawing references. Below, I have included a few rules Deviants must follow if they wish to use my stock in any form. 

Stock Rules
  • Prints and Commercial usage is allowed with manipulation/altering of the image: this does not include simple lighting and color adjustments, retouching, etc., the image must be transformed into an original creative work
  • Please credit me with a link back to my DeviantArt profile along with my artist name, TS95 Studios. If a link cannot be included, please credit me as my artist name. 
  • Do not use my photos for creating obscene imagery (pornography, drug and gang related paraphernalia, etc.)
  • Do not redistribute my images and sell them as your own
Thank you all again for being an incredible community of artists, I cannot wait to see how you use these photos in your latest creations. :)

I really hope to upload my printmaking work soon! Sadly I have never seen any printmaking-related art on Deviantart before (etchings, woodblock prints, screen printing, etc.), so taking a printmaking class in college was definitely a great experience. Cyanotyping is a beautiful process. Printing from copper plates is a bit dirty and hard to perfect, but long hours in the print shop have definitely helped! 
Hello everyone! Obviously today is the day Deviants around the world get free access to the Premium Membership offered here for 24 hours. Just thought I'd test out the journal skins, which will be permanent even after premium membership is deactivated. So, don't waste time! Hurry and enjoy all these features before they are long gone!

Hello Everyone! :)

I'm excited to announce that l will begin working on requests for photo manipulation pieces. I am offering a range of different styles that will be available. All l need is a raw photo that you like me to edit for you. Please check the link below for more information.…
Doing digital art for about 3-4 years now, I really am pushed more and more to do a digital painting.  I started photomanipulation with Gimp while editing avatars from, mainly making posters and signatures from other users. Today, I still use Gimp, but with my new Bamboo Tablet. I haven't done a total painting with photoshop alone either. My first will probably be a muscle study or a portrait for sure!
Ever heard of lolita or ganguro? Well, they're definitely hits in Japan where Harajuku fashion is very popular. Whether its Anime and Manga characters or their indie gore and action films, these stereotypes of dress are highly popular. The traditional geisha kimono and navy-inspired school girl uniforms are also common elements. I love the bright colors, hair, and accessories of the ganguros, as well as the variety of dresses, textures, patterns, and fabric of lolita.

My favorite kind of lolita is definitely Wa Lolita ;). It's a fushion of lolita fashion including the tutu-like skirt and the high boots (including other Victorian elements) mixed with the geshia kimono. It will probably be the topic of my next digital painting!