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Transportation hub - Moon


In a distant future. Where earth is over populated and the moon turned into a sprawling city. There is a big transportation hub that makes use of railguns to "fire" transport ships back to earth or to other planets, saving a lot of fuel and energy doing so. The hub is almost flower shaped for as much trajectories as possible.

Fun client work!

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Either way it looks awesome
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Or something out of a Transformers comic
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It looks like a crystal city
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Love it!! It's like a great crystal! Awesome idea and concept. Not to mention superbly executed. 
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Great work.
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I really like it
Interesting concept.:D (Big Grin) 
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Awesome city concept!
That is awesome. 
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very interesting.
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Cool and epic!
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Wow, the Earth in the background is a fantastic touch!
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Truly Remarkable!
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Impressive building
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Now that is what I call a really cool sci-fi city! :)
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Fantastic image.
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I want to live here.
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Probably one of the most original designs fr a moon-base I've seen in a long time :nod: Looks like they got a good settlement there going, though I still worry about the effects of low gravity on people there. They'd all have to do an hour of exercises a day - something people can't even seem to do now :XD:
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