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The great space migration of 6785

By Tryingtofly
The great space migration of 6785 where the athmosphere is so messed up that this planet basicly freezes over. This whole happening was particularly fortunate for the megacorporation in charge of moving the planet's entire population to another, sunnier planet. One could only imagine how much money they made of that gig!
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Amazing image!
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This is just amazing...
Amidamaru88's avatar
- the ship desings remind a bit of star wars
- hmm the people are just walking on the ice? they don't appear to have any belongings
SRSmith's avatar
Amalgamation100's avatar
wow dude fucking just WOW!
MothvalleySage's avatar
Would you go with the very people who caused this?hmm. 
To the stars!
Stransky's avatar
You did it again, pal... amazing piece of work :wow: :nod: 
celroid's avatar
You're always doing amazing work. Thank you for sharing!
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MethusulaComics's avatar
awesome the scenery and design of the ships blend nicely together.
EBENEWOOD's avatar
Stunning visual! Love the ships dynamic and this people line swallowing. :clap::sun:
Anexlader's avatar
Andromeda-Icarus's avatar
|| Daaaafuq! I love such stuff!
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Can someone make this into a movie please? This is awesome..
JM-i2's avatar
Whooaaaaaaamazing it's freaking awesome man !!
raynetempura's avatar
Your pieces are so amazing and feel so...bigger picture? to me. I love it.
Tellurian84's avatar
That's really impressive! And I like a lot the line of people, it really add something to the scene.
TheObserver3's avatar
Awesome atmosphere and the ships look awesome
Volnium's avatar
Blimey!!!!scale amazingI am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! Nod La la la la La la la la 
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