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The Slums

A painting I made for white dragon miniatures.
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NeverwinterCitizen's avatar
Oh my good God...the stories these slums would tell
ImaginariumAnimus's avatar
Sense of scale is just overwhelming! Great work!
The-minimise-button's avatar
Dude. This is like, the best.
Ax9000's avatar
Tryingtofly's avatar
noooope :) It's for a client ;)
Kubanko's avatar
I-I just cant describe how awesome this is! Epic artwork! No words..
RennyManJr's avatar
Chromatic aberration is a little too heavy for my taste, but otherwise a great piece!
keren-or's avatar
wow, this is jaw-dropping. how long did it take?
muck1's avatar
Amazing work! :)
If I'm honest I've always found futuristic sclums to be oddly appealing, almost cozy.
ScythicKitty's avatar
This looks amazing! The details are great and I love the lighting in it!
dinmoney's avatar
Looks great man, colours are nice and slummy haha (=
JKenLive's avatar
Wow! So much detail. Fantastic view but wouldn't want to live there, right? The noise from the neighbors must be awful ;-)
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