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Tesla Eleven Spaceship



The Tesla Eleven Deep-space ship for Research and Innovation is named after Nikola Tesla. The Russian counterpart of Edison.

The ship is about 500 metres long and is equipped with high-tech warp drives, a big tech-lab, huge power cells and a pretty good defence system. The Energy core is located in front of the ship. As you can see.

The lab is the top part of the ship in front of the bridge, wich is located at a higher level. This huge vessel is used for everything. Like searching for new planets and species. The ship usually carries a team of 100-120 scientists and a crew of roughly 80 men. The living compartiments are located under the lab and bridge.

Captain Voyar is standing in front of the window on the bridge. Just gazing at the stars. (that's what he likes to do most)
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I'm looking to commission an artist to do a book cover and a promotional poster (movie poster like) for my latest book, Dadr'Ba. 

In deep space, a large cylindrical star-ship a kilometer in diameter, and seven kilometers long, with protective blast plates on both ends and a very thin (comparatively) fusion engine rocket blast jetting out the middle of one end, forming an aurora out in the distance as the rocket blast interacts with the ships massive magnetic field. 
If you're interested let me know and what your rates are. Thank you, Aloha, Tetsu