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Teddie's space refuge

Another painting for my graduation project.
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That looks ubercool. I love the idea of using the orbiting rocks to convey the sense of this structure's colossal size.
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love the design of the station!
Ultraiveta22's avatar
Interesting picture
2Dillustrations's avatar
Amazing design ! 
ChrisAmateur's avatar
Great piece of work. I like the details you put on the station.
Commander-Fillmore's avatar
Space Elevator?, or is a station in debris field
profchaos354's avatar
very cool space station. You really nailed the lighting and atmosphere of this piece.
Emeres's avatar
What is the project about? From your other deviations it looks quite interesting.
TomPrante's avatar
Wow. Amazing painting!
Tryingtofly's avatar
Thanks so much James! I'm trying to attend some brainstorm courses in the future!
Would love to have you!
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Scrivener-of-Light's avatar
What a great piece--really cool concept and execution. Love the bleak atmosphere with hints of warmth here and there.
oRyder's avatar
Magical. I love the composition's simplicity in this painting, it really makes the focal point stand out.

Did you use 3D modelling or photobashing for this image? I really love your sci-fi stuff and I'd love to know how you do it.
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
A neat angle, absence of stars, and trails of small asteroids, it all looks amazing! :D (Big Grin) 
Just the title alone is neat, I'd be interested to hear more about this refuge station... :) (Smile) 
luismetafonico's avatar
Wow! amazing job!!!
HandofManos's avatar
Very inspiring and certainly a great piece for graduation :)
Furaxer's avatar
Really, really cool! Hope your graduation process will go well =)
NotWithoutHonor's avatar
Awesome. Very well done.
Heinvers's avatar
That's damn great.
Leofic's avatar
this is very cool!
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