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February 23, 2017
Starliner Trading station by Tryingtofly
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Starliner Trading station


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After the starliner crash in 5773 people on Marisol 5 figured out it's probably better to make a trading port in something that is already there and has all the resources lying around than trying to build something from scratch. The crash site was also very convenient.

A personal painting just for fun and for practising cinema 4D and octane

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G-hamm's avatar
such a grand scale i love it ! colours are beautiful and inticing. keep it up :)
NatureSeeker2016's avatar
Awesome colors, very catching! Nicely done! 
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phucan1908's avatar
So amazing 😉😉
MoAChuuuttt's avatar
TiaRevlyn's avatar
Awesome! I can't see a thing :D So detailed and mixed together! Looks really as if there was a story behind...
Ururuty's avatar
Spiralnord's avatar
Do you actually look at every little detail to make sure it's correct? Like where the cargo is supposed to be? This is insane!!
Rot5's avatar
I'd really like to see the drawing process of one of these pics...
So amazing!!!
Like, there is so much detail, but if you zoom in, you can see that some of it is just expertly smudged. I'd really love to see how people draw like this...
It's pictures like these that make me feel like an idiot with a pencil.
TiaRevlyn's avatar
Hey, I was looking at the DDs and sometimes I also reads a few comments below the artwork and I saw yours, and I think maybe I could help you.

So there are videos by Borodante, one that I watched yesterday and one I remembered he talked about the exact subject you're interested to.
(shorter fragment)… (from 21:39 to maybe 23:45) (title of video (for all sad netizens from future): "Robots! I mean cyborgs! - Over-Pain")
(whole video)… (title of video: "Detailing and blending - BoroSchool")

Hope you'll find it useful!
Rot5's avatar
Thanks for the links, they were useful. In that weird way that sometimes somebody tells you something you already sort of know, but never really understood until then. Does that make sense?
Anyway, thanks, now I have loads of motivation to draw :)
Tryingtofly's avatar
I really understand what you're saying! I had this a few weeks ago when someone told me about color. I was like: Wait I know this!! But never really thought about it when painting.
As digital painting goes. It's more important to have fun than to watch tutorials. Be creative and have fun and the technical aspect will come with time :)
Rot5's avatar
Yeah, well, I don't usually watch tutorials because all they do is make me jealous, but sometimes I see something that's just so diffrent I have to know how it's done. Because I feel like if I only do what I'm doing now, I will probably get pretty good at that eventually, but I still won't be able to draw the images in my head. 
So much to learn and it takes way to much time...
Fencerpprb's avatar
Brilliantly done..!
Tamariini's avatar
the colouring is very pretty
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Unbelivable! Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance 
shockaLocKer's avatar
Those bridge-like structures on the left side of the artwork look like buildings trying to expand outwards.
Are you implying there's not enough space on the Starliner? Cause I like it. It really tells you that it's a city crammed into a viscously limited building space and people are desperate for area.

Or you know, maybe i'm just guessing too hard.

Idesmi's avatar
Man can't fit.
NudzjarzPL's avatar
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW
NeverwinterCitizen's avatar
This is wonderful. Makes my imagination soar!
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