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Space whale

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Because who doesn't like space whales? :D

Made in C4D and photoshop as a practise piece!
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Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (Macintosh)
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GroontArtHobbyist Digital Artist

I love whales and space. I want to see a dream like in your picture :sleep:

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Noir117Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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DerpymuffinArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
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Balleen-WhaleHobbyist Digital Artist
That is my grandfather.
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Do you paint this with a programm?
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"Ah . . . ! What's happening? it thought.Er, excuse me, who am I?Hello?Why am I here? What's my purpose in life?What do I mean by who am I?
Oh no, not again.
Calm down, get a grip now . . . oh! this is an interesting what is it?
It's sort of . . . yawning, tingling sensation in my . . . my . . . well, I suppose I'd better start finding names for things if I want to make any headway in what for the sake of what I shall call an argument I shall call the world, so let's call it my stomach.
" >.> and so on.
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wow that whale is so cool but super scary...
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goldfish911Student Digital Artist
What gets me is aall the detail! I could probably draw a whale shape off the top of my head, but all those girders and whatnot, soo complicated >:(
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EurGeekaHobbyist General Artist
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ZodiHobbyist Digital Artist
Sci-fi whale....Amazing!:happybounce: 
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MASCH-ARTHobbyist Digital Artist
really concept and cool picture, great :) (Smile):) (Smile)
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artfromtheheart92Student General Artist
Wow cool!

Almost reminds me of Scott Westerfield's "Leviathan" :D
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What?! Jeez, is this ever creative! What a wonderful style!
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*I wrote a story for this image, because I found it so inspiring. I hope you enjoy!*

She wanders alone, they say. Why they built her, none can be sure.

But there are many theories:

Some say it was a rich heir, who stole his father's wealth, and created the beast as an insult to his step-mother.

Some say it was an Oil Baroness from the Old Planet, who saved her money well. When the Oil Baron finally died, her will declared that a moving monument be built in the image of an ancient animal that her Gran used to tell her stories about.

But I say nay to none of those crook-eyed theories. I know who she really is.

Deep in the darkest regions of the furthest space, there is a rogue field of asteroids that wanders aimlessly, with nary a galaxy to it's name. They move from place to place, never to be found twice by any man.

Except for the mad genius who called these rogue asteroids 'Home'.

Some say it were even the genius himself who wrangled these asteroids, though I be calling that tale a little off orbit, if you catch my meaning. Foolish, even.

Now this Mad Genius, he was all alone, and he was dying. The lack of starlight and loneliness took a toll on his old bones. So, he decided to continue his legacy the only way he knew how.

He decided to build a new race - a race of machines that could travel between galaxies, and multiply themselves.

He ran into many problems. First, the Mad Genius discovered that his dear machines would have to move through space, so he gave them the means to do so.

Then, he discovered that their engines broke down too frequently, and he would have to install a new device to propel them through the endless void. He gave them those vast fins you always hear of.

Next, the Genius discovered that in order to cross the vast nothing, his dear race would have to be large, and fat enough to fit machinery and replacement parts for eons. So, he made them long, and wide, and with hulls so fat you could fit a cruiser in them.

The Genius made hundreds of them, and gave them the ability to create themselves.

But before he could finish breathing life into his sweet creations, the Mad Genius succumbed to his sickness.

With his dying gasp, he willed a new life into a single one of his creations.

He did not live to see her awake.

But awake she did, alone, and in the dark. She was surrounded with her brothers and sisters, yet all lay dead before they were living. She could not bear to stay.

They say she yet wanders through the black tracts of Space; a poor, old beast, with nary a family, and naught to call home.

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this reminds me of the whale king from zoids
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angelascanioHobbyist Interface Designer
This is the (awesome) kind of art I came to see in DeviantArt. They should ban the people painting ponies in this site.
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TryingtoflyStudent Digital Artist
hahah genious :P
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AlternateScriptHobbyist General Artist
Holy shit, great work!

Would be all over this shit like gravy on rice if it were a print! Really nice, my friend! :happybounce: 
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AnglePlayMateHobbyist Digital Artist
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Katipie777Student General Artist
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OttokarVonLuftschiffStudent General Artist
I didn't know there were space whales to like, until you drew this one.  But I can now confidently state that I do, indeed, like space whales. :-)
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TryingtoflyStudent Digital Artist
haha thank you so much! :D
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ThePowerSoulHobbyist Digital Artist
spuace whale
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