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Game of thrones redesign - The Eyrie

Another game of thrones redesign.
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it is interesting!

Have you noticed the flags of the knights balckmart flying over the bridge belong to the house Arryn?😮

did anyone took note that the knights on the bridge are flying flag of house Arryn ?😮😮

Look so great art. I'll surely try to make like this one. However, You can see some of my new design on slotxo.

Nice, Mind if I use this in a game mod as a Loading screen?

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A great painting. Can i have permission to do some post editing and compositing on it (without any mean of profit nor posting)?
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you guys seen the recent episode ?  and very cool work
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Really would not want to fall out of that moon door, I love how epic the scale is.
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I was going to set my ID "Eyrie", but someone had done...
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Wow. Looks amazing.
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it looks great!!! but doesnt really fit the book's version. But still: Looks awesome!!!
so much better then the series eyrie, haha.  I used this in (and gave all due credit). 
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nice picture... Amazing
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very handsome Castle
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I don't like the show depiction of the Eyrie one bit, so thank you so much for letting me know what it properly should look like (I hope that was what you were trying).
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Sweety sweetness!
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I don't know Game of Thrones from a hole in the ground ... but this scene looks very interesting, almost foreboding for the characters heading toward it.
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the whole show is foreboding, it makes death look like a "happens near you everyday" thing
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Hahha. Yeah, from what little I've heard about the show, sounds about right...
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 God bless!
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