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Artificial surfing resort


A planet specifically designed to ride them sick waves! The resort features a special magnet to create the baddest waves for visitors to surf on!

An image made as practise for the Twitch channel I am about to start, talking about environment design and 3D/2D workflows! Starting on next wednesday! Would love to see you guys there! 

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Please link your new Twitch when you put it up! I would love to watch this kind of work develop. So cool! 
linakononenko's avatar
Wow! It's sooo cool
Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Beautiful, amazing work
EVAUnit4A's avatar
So, this is what that new artificial community/reef in Dubai is gonna look like when it's finished, eh?
IronWithin's avatar
Fantastic. I would love to know how you made it. Looking forward to the twitch stream.
Azot2021's avatar
hi man! can you give us the link for your twitch channel?
v-242's avatar
Reminds me of one of the artificial / man-made islands off the coast of Dubai (U.A.E.) by the name of "The Palms".

Reference image here:…
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Oh, you on twitch might well be channel #4 I follow there.
Post the address when you have it!
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Wow, great lighting and tones.
Mr-Pink-Rose's avatar
Beautiful piece!
CapscesDigitalInk's avatar
Very nice work, interesting piece!
TheDeaf's avatar
I believe people would actually pay to visit such an artificial island in our world
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This sort-of reminds me of artwork in a 70s/80s-ish book I read back in the day. It was some kind of "Millenial Project" titled book, about "greening the universe" which started by building these immense enclosed ocean-floating platforms, which took on a somewhat hexagonal design. (At some point in the 90s it was also a website I came across.) If you're looking for "environment design" a la Earth or space environments, then that book may be unique. If you mean "IDE-like" software environments, then that book probably won't help -- although it's still an interesting read (if somewhat skewed by the author's mania).
arenirart's avatar
Wow, great design, you should can sell it to UAE!
Unseeming's avatar
This is REALLY cool ! I always love your concepts.
Imdraproc's avatar
Amazingly well textured and detailed. The colours and shapes help giving a fresh, futuristic feel! 
ZackWriter23's avatar
if only such a place existed.^^
Zefnoly's avatar
Looks awesome! Interesting design and ideas.
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