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After Evac

By Tryingtofly
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Hey everyone! Busy times! 
I tried to make this in my spare hours. 

A domed city is being evacuated after the planets two moons collided and screwed up the planet's gravity! 
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so it's like a giant vacuum sucking up the materials?
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Very beautiful job.
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That looks like the what happened to the Asurans and they're planet in reverse.
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erinnicoleart84Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is just epic. Amazing work.
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kstroseoProfessional Artist
Epic :0
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KaparifaceHobbyist General Artist
I can literally feel how it'd be to wok there
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XStreamChaosOfficialHobbyist Digital Artist
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Arthur-Ramsey General Artist
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MrHamburger90Hobbyist Digital Artist
fantastic! :D 
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Something about this gives me chills. Is stuff experiencing lack of gravity or reversal to an extent? Not sure I understand what's going on exactly but it looks terrifying.
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MiinuyHobbyist Digital Artist
Read the description of the art, you'll understand better what's happening.
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I always read the description, but I still don't understand how that links up to what's visually going on. No harm in asking, right?
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Ignatz20xxHobbyist Filmographer
*Drools profusely*

Epic! :clap:
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SB004 General Artist
So cool!!
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NaphysmeHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautifull :o <3
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nahitiHobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing! :o (Eek) :D
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Frostbite07Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice, I like it a lot :o
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Great! It is really memorale!
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Euskelo Digital Artist
A wonderful and terrifying vision. Very powerful!
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