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A friendly place

By Tryingtofly
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A concept painting for my graduation project. This is the warm, cosy and friendly part of the world I'm making up. Players go here to have a nice meal.
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it certanly has an elegance to it
ReclusiveChicken's avatar
Transhumanist society?
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really like this one, great job!
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GravitonGames's avatar
Cool idea!  Do the cylindrical objects have a function?  Or are the awnings?  Can't tell exactly.
timohuovinen's avatar
very interesting concept
Philipp-Steinhaus's avatar
Well done. The round shapes and the soft shadow combined with the massive access to light creates the illusion of a beautifully warm and cosy place indeed. Great lighting.
Girot's avatar
this is amazing!  very well done!
WorldBuildersInc's avatar
If this is "warm, cosy and friendly" I'd hate to see what isn't :o
I love it. Do you think I could see if I could use this for a personal hobby project of mine? I'm wanting to see if I can create a space station and this is gorgeous. :)
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Sure go ahead! Are you planning to model it? because this is concept art for my own game. :)
Yeah gonna model it and texture hopefully. Don't know when though. What is your game about?
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Looks great wonder how big thing is parking there
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Very cool indeed! 
 God bless (:
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All of your scenes are so gorgeous and intricate...
I wish I had your talent!
I don't even know how you do this stuff! <3 
zenquad's avatar
Friggin amazing. It got me straight into the world
ErikShoemaker's avatar
stunning! The environment doesn't really give me the warm and cosy feeling but I guess I'd have to judge by comparing with the rest of the game. :lol:
Kecoey's avatar
Cool! It seems that most games are kinda sad and gloomy, it would be nice to have a friendly place ^^)
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