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A city called wreckage.

I was inspired by how prague looks from the hill in the middle of the city.

This is a great city with a giant spaceship crashed onto it. They rebuilt the city afterwards. Using the ships wreckage as a roof and wall for the horrors and dangers outside.
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Love the colors!

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Hey, I was looking for an illustration for a short story I wrote and this is just perfect. I took the liberty of using it for my blog; of course you're credited and I hope that's alright with you! It's a beautiful piece of work!…
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The sense of scale is amazing!
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hmm, why are there such large windows present on a ship?
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Beautiful cool
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This is Masterpiece, bravo!
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Fantastic piece of work and a brilliant backstory. Love your stuff
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I love this! Kind of reminds me of the Combine from Half Life oddly enough. In a way at least. When the Combine take over a place they place their structures into/over old buildings on earth. Like Nova Prospekt. A lot of the Combine buildings in Half Life are a mixture of old and new. The hybrid look of this, having the old city be covered up and transfused and buried by the new technologically superior city just kind of reminds me of that is all. 

Looks like Blade Runner and Cyberpunk meets Deus Ex and Mass Effect. VERY nice work! SO much detail! Saved this to my wallpapers folder almost instantly.
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Whoa! That's awesome!

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Perfect mix of science-fiction and stained glass, love it !
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This is bad ass. I just randomly started an rp with my friend over facebook taking place right in this city. We're seeking lost volumes of a rare anthology.
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Can i download this?
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Love that idea
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Feels very Warhammer 40k-ish, which is never a bad thing.
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This is so beautiful
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WOAH. It's so massive yet cozy, and I love those gigantic "windows" that line that wall, it adds good contrast and a feeling of insecurity. Amazing work!
Open this in any 360 app and prepare to be amazed.
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This is really great!!
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I really like how you give a story to go with your art!
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