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TH - SFX Dump 01 by IntroducingEmy

Mature Content

TH - Who Is She To Say Goodbye by IntroducingEmy
TH - Red and Black by IntroducingEmy

Mature Content

TH - Ashamed of What They Made by IntroducingEmy
Contest Winners

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Trying Petty -1940s Pin Up by PrinceRose
Trying human movie contest by TwistToReality
Back Scratchaaa by Ichigoli
Roleplay Night- Lines by kabutali
Ebe1 doodle by silvarak
rocket wishes by silvarak

Mature Content

take me by silvarak
Eebs- Trying Human by Belclairade
Blue Hue by annalrk
A Splash of Red by StrangeNocturne
Sparkle Shade by annalrk
shade cutiesaturday by annalrk
TH: Shade For Three by EnigmaAerion
Tone by CrowG0d
Life Goal by Arthropleura

Mature Content

TH-FA- Cabbage Patch by Ravyn-Karasu
Pigment - FJ-12
Pigment doodles by Eloarei
Trying Human Fanart Sketches: Pigment, Don, Ex-12 by HappyLilTree
Trying Human Fanart 4koma: petite femme de reve by HappyLilTree
Jazzy Pigment by EsileSonia
Grey OC's
TH-Galiria grey 2 by princesadragoniana
TH - Galiria grey by princesadragoniana
FG: Sarah the Hybrid by Zal001
Quazky's Damn Hair by annalrk
TH - Quazmo by IntroducingEmy
Trying Human - Beastboy Quazky by Pandablubb
Quazky by Toxic-dolls
longus by annalrk
Longus by gamimi
Trying Human by Leerer-Raum
NSFW Trying Human Fanart Sketch: Gracelis by HappyLilTree
Other Reptilian Canons
.:Trying Human:. Rept!Roselis by Zal001
Reptoid OC's
reptoid practice cervicis by annalrk
grey rose by annalrk
philena's rose (cutiesaturday) by annalrk
TH - Run by 1000th
this could have looked better by CrowG0d
Majestic 12
Trying Human - Agent 8 by RobbieMelrose
Other Human Canons
Other Canon Aliens
Other OC Aliens
Nordic Aliens
SPACE MOM by annalrk
Nordic OC's
Varldsframmande Skonhet by Zal001
Human OC's
Can't move Can't see by sihisha

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Rose Y Hue Por La Noche 1 by princesadragoniana
Group Shots
Weep Womp by candy-behemoth
Happy Halloween 2011 by Crysenley
No Bag on head plz by NEMC2
Sculpts no.41 Hue+Rose charms by Eloarei
Stamps and Icons
Avatar- Licky Lick by Pandas-R-Us
Trying Human Memes


I've set all the folders to needing admin approval for submissions to go through. So either myself or one of the other admins can vote to let a submission in. This should cut back on unwanted stuff.

Admins, keep an eye out.
More Journal Entries


You saw it right. This is the official Deviant Art group for Emy Bitner’s webcomic: Trying Human. If you’re here, you are probably already aware of the webcomic and the premise. However, if you are new, Trying Human is a comic about a woman named Rose who comes to find that she has been abducted by aliens. She soon finds herself being stalked by a Grey named Hue [and his pal, a Reptoid named Quazky]. This comic is full of relationships, angst, comedy, and lots of alien goodness.

If you are not familiar, you can become here:

:alien:Trying Human Group

The purpose of this group is for fans to come together and share their fanart and fanfiction for the Trying Human verse. Got some artwork? Fan characters? Fanfiction? TH Poetry? Perhaps some crafts and plushies? Did you actually cosplay a character? If so, share it with us.

Yes, Emy will see the group, but please…don’t ask a ton of spoiler type questions. She won’t tell you…:D Trust me…I’ve tried. You’ll just have to follow along like the rest of us. The comic updates normally twice a week.

PLEASE keep in mind that this is a FANGROUP! People will be creating fan characters and fan pairings like mad, I’m sure. So, take everything you see and read with a grain of salt. Nothing here is delivered in any way as canon, unless you have actually seen it IN the webcomic already. Hence why I use the term FAN club ^-^


Yes, we have a few. But don’t worry, this shouldn’t be a problem:

1. No spoilers. This is mostly for as we get further into the webcomic. Some people will be just starting while several others will be up to date. As things progress, don’t come right out and give it away. You can use it in your fanwork, but don’t be a jerk about it. On the bright side, some people won’t know what is fanmade and what is canon ^-^

2. The work MUST be yours. No stealing.

3. Respect! I know in some fandoms, people can get rather nasty about a particular pairing or situation. Every pairing, no matter the orientation, is welcome. As I like to think the aliens say: Please be good houseguests. All assholes will be probed.

4. Please put our icon/banner in your journal/signature, or wherever on your page to spread the word about us.


This is simple. The group is set for all members to submit their own artwork to the gallery. Just go to the folder where your item fits and submit there. [Let me know if you are having trouble].

NOTE: Contest entries should go into the contest folder

*If for some reason you cannot contribute to one of the folders, please let me know so I can look into it. If there is an issue, go ahead and contribute to the Featured until we fix it.

Remember, you have to be a member to partake of the fun, be it submitting artwork or taking part in any contests being held. For anyone new to the group thing, the work is automatically linked back to your own gallery; so all comments go directly to you.

What are you waiting for? Come join the fun!


Want to become affiliated with the group? Just send us a note and let us know. Or you can go to your own group and press the "Affiliate" button at the top of the screen and type in Trying-Human. ^-^


For those who would like to know what folder your submissions fits into, here’s a list. Also, if you are having trouble, just leave it in Featured and we’ll fix it.

:alien:Grey Folders
Pigment/FJ-12: these two are normally shown together. So either one or both are accepted in this folder.
Grey OC’s

:alien:Reptoid Folders
Other Canon Reptoid : For the more obscure Reptoids in the comic
Reptoid OC’s

:alien:Human Folders
Majestic 12
Glasner: For giggles we except Dave fanart too. :iconemyshusbanddaveclub:
Other Canon Humans
Human OC’s: OC Human/Alien Hybrids would go here too.

:alien: Other Folders

-Couples: For any romantic pairing. Rue, Dongus, Rade, Que, Pheebs, Wasner, Jig, 68, Ton-Don, Tose, QuaGra, RoRo, Tongus, Heebs, Sheebs, Gleebs, Glue, H8 to name a few; if you can think it up as a couple, we can take it. Don’t forget to check out :icontryinghumanslash:

-Group : For group shots of two or more [that are obviously not couples].

-Fanfiction: For any Trying Human fanfiction your twisted minds can come up with. Any pairings are fine, whether they be canon or not.

-Memes: For those little Trying Human Meme’s out there.

-Crafts: If you have purchased something from Emy, or you have made a plushie, charm, apparel, ornament, sculpture, etc involcing Trying Human, take a snapshot and share it!

-Stamps & Icons: Those little buttons, avatars, and stamps now have a place to go.

-Holiday: Any character, canon or OC celebrating the holidays. However, it has to be obvious. Any religious or federal holiday goes, so long as it’s obvious.

-Cosplay: Pictures of you and your friends dressing up as the characters of the webcomic. You can also post pictures of other characters cosplaying Trying Human characters.








Thanks for your support.


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Alrighty, I'm out of here. I'm still going to continue to enjoy the webcomic, and there are some other groups for the comic I'm sure I can find a home in (and I always have tumblr) but this:
Is getting out of hand.
Love you guys and see you around!
CommonCthulhu Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there anyway that we can do something about this unrelated art?
IntroducingEmy Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Working on it :\
CommonCthulhu Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe you could change it so you have to approve what goes in?
IntroducingEmy Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
The group was controlled by the fans until last night so now I'm trying to figure it all out. XD
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IntroducingEmy Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Can we please close the contest folder or block people who continuously post non-TH art? I'm getting tired of deleting it.
Ravyn-Karasu Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Just tried to change your role. See if that works. If not...lemme know and I'll try again
IntroducingEmy Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I still don't have control over the group so far as who is submitting what and when.
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