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Mega Seviper

And another pokemon who got shafted for several years in the anime, and this time it's Seviper!

Upon Mega evolving with the aid of the Seviperite, Mega Seviper reveals red, claw like scars upon it's body, which are believed to represent previous battles with Zangoose. Mega Seviper's body is adorned with golden scales that are harder than steel, while the once sword like tail has changed into a scythe oozing with poison.  Seviper recieves a huge boost to it's Attack stat, while it's other stats recieve smaller boosts. Seviper's vengeful and cunning nature awakens the Dark typing, giving moves such as Crunch a much stronger bite! 

-Mega Seviper
-Ability: Adaptability
-Weight:140.8 lbs

-Sig. Move:
-"Poison Blade"
-Type: Poison
-"The user slases the target with a sharp blade covered with poison. Has a 30% chance to badly poison the target.".

Oh Seviper, another one of those cases where a pokemon looks so friggin awesome, but is completely crap. Despite having two great attacking stats and a movepool with so many fun options, the fact remains that Seviper is just doomed to be another mediocre Poison-type with neat options. What pissed me of the most is how much better the made Zangoose, having more attack power, speed and abilities that can even take advantage of poor Seviper's typing. 
Mega Seviper is, for what I can say, is a kind of a semi wallbreaker, though not being as powerful as most Mega Pokemon, base 140 Attack is nothing to scoff at, even without a boost, while base 105 Speed gives Mega Seviper an edge against pokemon at base 100 speed. But the two main assests that I decided to give it is "Poison Blade" and Adaptability, one gives Mega Seviper a way to threaten some walls with a move that can potentially cripple them for the match, while Adaptability is bretty self explanatory.
All in all, Seviper should get some major buffs, I think that access to Fire Blast will allow it to break through Steel types more easily, and maybe Swords Dance can give it the potential to become a good Wallbreaker/Stallbreaker.

Well, hope you like it!
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Well looks like the Zangoose are going extinct if a wild Serviper can mega evolve as that tail will surely cut them if half.

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May I use this for a YouTube video? I will give credits
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No problem man! Go right ahead!
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Perfect! Thanks
This is really great as well! I love it!
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Thanks man! Glad you like it!
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is a totally perfect image for a mega Seviper.
Very well done.
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Thank you so much! Glad you like it!
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Thank you so much! :)
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Thanks! Glad you like it! :D
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Your welcome! And who wouldn't?
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spectacular my friend
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