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Mega Noivern

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Ready for more Megas? This time it's non other than Mega Noivern!

When exposed to the Noivernite, Noivern's lungs grow considerably, raising their Sp. Attack considerably, and are able to inhale and exhale massive amounts of air, thus allowing Noivern to create extremely powerful ultrasonic waves that can actually create vacuum for a short amount of time  by pushing the air all around them when attacking. Noivern's wings are now adorned with a sturdy, lightweighted armor, enabling them to fly without making a sound by cutting through the air, thus raising their Speed and Defense greatly. The ultra sonic waves Mega Noivern generates from it's chest can push a mountain and bend thick metal plates like they were paper.

 -Mega Noivern
-Ability: Aerilate
-Weight:215.2 lbs

So the design is pretty straightforward, and the ability is even more straightforward. I still don't get why Nintendo decided to give Noivern Telepathy instead of Aerilate, but whatever.
Noivern's stats were always an issue for me, because they are actually pretty damn good, but just not good enough. What good is a base 123 speed  when it is coupled with a base 97 Sp. Attack? Even with Choice Specs or Life Orb, Noivern was just unable to break through specially bulky pokemon. So to fix that problem, I give you Aerilate Boomburst Mega Noivern with 70/137/153 offenses and 85/110/80 defenses, giving Noivern bulk to survive priority and the ability to be a great Stallbreaker with it's increased speed and defenses.

Well, Hopyou like it!
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If Mega Noivern did exist
It would be a speed demon
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If Mega Noivern did exist, it would probably be banned from tournaments. (Aerilate+Boomburst+STAB+137 Sp.Attack+153 Speed= :skullbones: )
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Sun and Moon just came out, so  this isn't canon.

Just saying.
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Still, it's pretty cool.
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Thanks man! Glad you like it!
Yeah, unfortunately Gamefreak decided to let go of Megas for the time being as it seems. But who knows? Maybe through popular demand we'll see more Megas (or something similar) in the future.
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I really don't care what Mega Noivern looks like, just as long it has Aerilate or a dragon type version of it I'm good. BoomBurst all the way
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This, is just perfect! I love it!
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Thanks so much! Glad you like it!
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If there was one Pokemon that was deserving of a "Sound" type, move over Exploud, Mega Noivern is here!
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Hehe XD Thank you!
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As if Noivern wasn't badass enough.

AERILATE. F*CKING. BOOMBURST. I need this so much.
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It's the Mega Evolution Kalos deserves, but not the one it needs right now :iconbatmanplz:. Scratch that, the world needs Mega Noivern NOWWWWW!!!
Also, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!
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Finally, a good Mega Noivern. This is what it should look like.
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Thanks man, glad you like it!
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Woow this is amazing! 
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