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Mega Haxorus

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It took way longer than I expected (Mostly because of my tablet malfunctioning), but Mega Haxorus is complete!

-Mega Haxorus
-Ability: Metalize*
-Weight:332.2 lbs

*Metalize: Normal-type moves become Steel-type moves, and recieve a 30% boost.

Not much to say about it's stats and typing, as they are all fairly obvious. The design is pretty much an extention on what Haxorus is all about, a blade covered monster of a dragon.

Haxorus is an old favourite of mine back from Gen 5, along with many others. It's design was the first thing that caught my eye, and when it's stats were leaked, I knew that I had to have this OP monster on my team. Base 147 Attack was insane back in the days of BW, and even today it is considered very high, until you count other Mega pokemon that can do what Haxorus can do only better. To fix this, Mega Haxorus has enough bulk and speed to choose weather it would like to be a wallbreaker or a sweeper, and thanks to Metalize, it can annihilate every Fairy in the game and do insane damage to pretty much every pokemon that does not resist it's attacks, and even some that do. 

Hope you like it!
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Looks really amazing ^^
The typing and design kinda make me think "Gigan", which only makes it more awesome IMO XD
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XD thanks! Although I did redesign it a while back Mega Haxorus V.2.0 by TRXPICS
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Both look amazing ^^
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OMG my fav dragon type as a's epic like no Pokémon ever was
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Haha thank you! Though I think that I will probably remake it sometime in the future, so stay tuned man!
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I like how OP this thing is now.
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Thanks man! Glad you like it!
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Awesome, Dragon/Steel is the perfect typing for Mega Haxorus!!! Fire? No problem. Ice? Does nothing. Fairy? You kidding? It even resists Dragon. This thing is only weak to Fighting and Ground!
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Hehe thank you! It is a great defensive typing and grants Haxorus a good STAB to counter Fairies. Also, Haxorus is the AXE Jaw pokemon, so those blades should somehow relate to it's typing.
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Yup! You´re right, sir. And no problem!
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