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Mega Dragalge

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Soooo, now it's Mega Dragalge! :icondragalgeplz:

Mega Dragalge's poison is strong enough to melt through thick metal with no problem. It's body is now covered in a special absorbent algea, granting Mega Dragalge impressive boosts to it's Defense and Sp. Defense, though it does give it a much more sickly look. A second pair of fins on it's back give it much better maneuverability, raising it's Speed slightly. Mega Dragalge's is as fearless and as protective as it was before, and will not back down from any challenge. It's ability is Adapdability, which means that moves used by this pokemon which are the same as it's type will do double the damage instead of the regular 1.5. Take advantage of this ability with powerful moves like Draco Meteor and Sludge Wave to do some real damage!

-Mega Dragalge
-Ability: Adaptability
-Weight:223.7 lbs

-Sig. Move:
-"Hydroflouric Blast "
-Type: Poison
-"The user releases from it's mouth a powerful acid, which explodes when coming in contact with the opponent. The move is super effective against the Steel- type, and has a 30% chance to burn the target."

Ahh Dragalge. Once the Fairy-type was announced, I was really hoping that Nintendo will finally grace us with 3 new things to use in OU: A Poison/Dragon type, a Steel/Dragon type and a Fire/Dragon type to counter these new Fairy overlords. We got Mega Charizard X, which was incredible, and we got Dragalge. Since I got X for Mega Charizard, I had to make up with not having a Dragalge most of my game. But then I rememberd that there's the GTS, so I immediately looked for a Skrelp, and bred myself a Sassy Dragalge, and I couldn't have been happier. Dragalge soon became one of most trusted pokemon, with it's awesome movepool, great typing and powerful options, ranging from Draco Meteor and Sludge Bomb to Hydro Pump and Focus Blast, Dragalge was a great pokemon in my X playthrough, and it just got better. After the release of ORAS, everyone could get an Adaptability Dragalge, and that's when the fun really started. Having essentially a 260 base stat move with Choice Specs means that almost nothing wants to get in on you, and even Fairies need to watch out from a Sludge wave to the face.
But still, Dragalge has several flaws. One is it's Speed. Base 44 is slow. Like, really slow. Azumaril naturally outspeeds you slow. Second, is its bulk. Base 90/123 defenses is great, but is really not as great when coupled with base 65 HP. Third, it's initial power. base 97, much like with Noivern, is good on a defensive pokemon, but not so much on an offensive one. so what to do to fix all of that? Give it a Mega of course! And I chose to keep Adaptability as an ability, cause you don't fix what ain't broken. Also, Signature move that is super effective on Steel types, because why not? :la:

:EDIT: changed the coloring a little to signify a change through Mega Evolution, with the body becoming blue and the brown parts becoming green.

Well, hope you like it!
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Random dude that sent out a steel type Pokemon against this Pokemon"Your Poison type attacks are useless now.

You Hydroflouric Blast Steel type Pokemon and knocked it outt.

Random dude: Surprise PIkachu face.

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Hey I love the job you did on this fakemon and was wondering if I could post this on my Youtube channel for a video? I would obviously give credit in the description as well as in the video! here are some examples if you would like to see!…
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AnarlaurendilHobbyist Artisan Crafter
It shows that you hate the fairy type. (I have seen it many times in the mega descriptions.)
I love the Dragon Type. That's why starters will be 3 dragons: Dratini, Bagon and Gible. (Each with its Mega Evolution Uber tiered.)

I also confirm that the steel type is cheated.
So since I'm doing a fan-game ... so much to take advantage of it to rebalance the chart type .
Fairies now have a horror of Psychic pokemon. :D (Big Grin) 
Steel is nerfed.
Dragons attacks are finally strong on something other than themselves.
Ice is improved.
And 2 new types : Light... and Shadow !
(That's why there is a Shadow Lugia)

Type chart of Pokemon Sacred Phoenix by Anarlaurendil

Suddenly, you do not need a special Poison attack to dissolve Steel. The ardor of the Keltios Dragons will take care of it.
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TRXPICSStudent Digital Artist
Thank you!
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anne0821Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks so awesome! I wish this was official! Dragalgae is one of my favorite pokemon. 
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TRXPICSStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much! Glad you like it!
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ShadowtheWerehogHobbyist General Artist
This is so awesome! Dragalge is my favorite dragon type, and I wish this was official!High-five! 
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TRXPICSStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much! Glad you like it! :D
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Tenshineko01Hobbyist General Artist
It's beautiful, Dragalgie is my new favorite dragon type.
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TRXPICSStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so veru much! I'm really glad you like it! :)
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Tenshineko01Hobbyist General Artist
My pleasure, there's something about Dragalge that I just love.
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Absolutely Amazing! Best design I've seen yet!
The signature move is awesome!
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TRXPICSStudent Digital Artist
Thanks man! Always glad to hear from you! :D
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Very cool!
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TRXPICSStudent Digital Artist
Thank you!
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Your welcome!
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RaiZhuW-The-RealProfessional Digital Artist
It's cool, but I'd say it looks more like Dragalge fused with Giratina Origins Form lol! Doesn't really feel Seahorse-ish tho... It's still a cool azz design tho!
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TRXPICSStudent Digital Artist
Thanks man! Glad you like the design! :D
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AlphaXXIProfessional Digital Artist
Nice drawing, but the design doesn't stand out enough compared to the original dragalge. Maybe the colors should be a little more different ? Since Dragalge already had many details, adding some more isn't a very obvious change.
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TRXPICSStudent Digital Artist
Well I really agree with you on that. Designing a mega for Dragalge really was more about the changing of the colors than anything else, so I did make one main change in them with the brown part of its body, with them being more greenish than before to signify a sickly, rotten feel to Dragalge. Maybe I should recolor it further, since the change is not as obvious as I had hoped it to be.
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KojodeGreatHobbyist Digital Artist
It's cool but the detail tho...
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TRXPICSStudent Digital Artist
Thank you! To be frank, Dragalge is already pretty detailed, so.... yeah... 
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KojodeGreatHobbyist Digital Artist
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