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Some people say, that every human is precious, unconditionally.

I can't believe that.

"I am worthless but not unworthy, I can gain worth"
“What does ‘worth’ mean, Mr Nutt?”
“It means that you leave the world better than when you found it.”

quotes from Mr Nutt, character by Terry Pratchett from the book "Unseen Academicals".

I really like that point of view.
Of course some may argue, that the world already is a better place because you were born,
but to me that sounds unlikely. Actually the world nowadays is a worse place because you were born, there are too many humans anyway.

Every single one of them needs to gain worth, or end up worthless. Good thing there are many ways to gain worth, but as hard as it may sound, I think there are some leaving the world worthless.

Which of course does not mean I would rather have some killed or anything, every creature has a right to live of course and I like the thought that every being has the same chances of gaining worth, no one is born unworthy.
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Submitted on
January 24, 2011