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I just had this idea for a "mass" art-collab in the style of the scribble contest.
My watchers might have seen that I had lots of fun with this contest.
I thought it was so much fun and very inspiring-> I want more like that.

I wrote a forum post >>…

But in short:

one person creates a scribble like we had in the contest,
without changing the settings of the canvas, a second person makes
a sketch or painting underneath the scribble,
a third person will render it all out on a layer over the scribble incorporates everything nicely,
paints details makes changes here or there...
after that he/she either calls it finished or let someone else take over who repeats step3
until some one finally calls it finished.

I think it could be lots of fun, inspiring each other, learning from each other etc.

would be cool if the one or the other of you would join us and don't worry about being not good enough or whatever, this is truly just about the fun
of creating some art together !!!!

And by the way, I recently reached the mark of  more than 100 watchers -wow ,
I'm truly thankful that you think I am worth watching !!!!!!!!!
Thanks to every single one of you, ven if I do not thank you after every fav you do, I always appreciate it very very much !!!!!!!

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Submitted on
September 24, 2011