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noses and noses and noses and ...

horse noses look so soft and silky and yet they have all these bulging and wrinkling going on,
to whom ever invented horse noses ( evolution, god, the spaghetti monster etc) - " FU "

If you enjoy noses, you might also like eyes:
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What a nice study!
To which animals do the noses from 3rd row middle belong?
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thank you :),
3rd row after the tiger, is koala bear and star-nosed mole
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Ah, you learn something new every day! Thanks. :)
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OMG noses!!!! hehe I find this super cute actually hehe! :iconohnoseplz: ^_____^ wonderful work on each of those noses!:)
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thanks, those have been fun to do and much more educating than the eyes. I never realized koala noses had such huge nostrils, i only ever saw a big black/grey thing when i looked at them.
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Aww you're welcome!:) i really do love the ideas^___^ and i think you're doing a fantastic job on those!:) its inspiring^___^

Aww glad you're having fun with it too^___^

ooh and really? :wow: ooh thats pretty neat!:)
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