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my Ginny Weasley

started this as a lips practise[link], but quickly developed it further and made it a painting of Ginny Weasley how I pictured her

A long mane of flaming red hair, light brown eyes,
extremely beautiful, self-confident, strong... all the features I miss in the actress cast for the role, nothing against her personally but she's just not Ginny.

She's sad and thinking of the future here, it's after book 6

Painting was done in photoshop with a wacom intuos and some ref pictures of Barbara Meier

The characters of Ginny Weasly and Arnold the pygmy puff belong to Joanne K. Rowling
of course !
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I think it's the most beautiful painting of Ginny I've ever seen... It's wonderful!
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wooow it's beautiful :O 
This is an excellent interpretation of Ginny.
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thank you very much !
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This is so perfect, it looks like a photograph!
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Very, very pretty!
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thank you very much :)
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Loving this Ginny! :) I also think Ginny is have self-confident and really strong but the actress who plays the role doesn't look like that. Your drawing does.
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glad you like my version :)
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das ist doch mal ne Ginny. so hätte sie im Film aussehen sollen, und nicht diese komische Göre. Sehr sehr schön!
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Perfect. I agree with you about Ginny's actress...she's lovely and everything, but there's something about her that isn't...Ginny. Perfectly captured, I love Arnold on her shoulder.
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awww thank you :)
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Oh my goodness!!! This picture is amazing!!!
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thank you very much
wow, that's beautiful!
you used barbara meier, winner of germany's next top model, as reference, right?
she is how i always imagined ginny to look like.
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Yep as stated in the comment Barbara Meier was my ref,
She actually looks a bit too old on most photos to be the Ginny in my head, but the ref picture I found was quiet perfect for it
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