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I'll miss you

He is not dead - he was a shelter kitty i wanted to adopt.
I visited him for weeks to make sure he does fit into our family,
when the time was right and I was sure, I was a day late,
he had been shown to another couple who adopted him.
He hopefully got the best forever home out there, I am still sad and miss him.
Such a lovely cat !
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Ohhh, I just died... He is so so cute! :heart:
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Beautiful work.  Its unfortunate that you didn't get him but sometimes things happen for a reason. Hopefully the one that adopted him will give a good home. 
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thanks and yes that's what I hope too :)
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You're very welcome:aww: 
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Wanted to tell you: Guess it did happen for a reason after all.
two month later i ran into my new kitty-soulmate Herman. I didn't even have to think twice, I knew he as for us.
And apparently it was the best thing for him to meet us as well.
No one seemed to want him. He had been was massively abused by some cruel man and didn't look his best.
Well for me he wa a beauty even then, but other folk told the shelter people that he was too ugly for them :'(
He desperately needed a home to catch up, his rib cage and spine was showing through, he was shaven, had loads of wounds- he was practically a bag of skin and bones.

I only wanted the black one, this cat needed me - so now there are two more kitties with hopefully good homes :)
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Whoa, what shelter is that??!! My girls are both shelter cats. When I went to get Candy, I was told she had to stay there as she still was under doctors orders and that I can only  get her over a week later as she has a follow-up appointment.  She was called Luna by them; they directly wrote down that her name will be Candy (and started calling her that) and that she's taken, so no other could claim and adopt her. They already filled out the adoption paper and had all my personal data, though it wouldn't be signed until the day I finally bring her home (resp. they delivered her (farewell committee of 3 people (incl. the manager) for one tiny 6 month old kitty)). If someone else would have adopted my kitty.....that would have gotten ugly! It later got ugly as the contract doctor was a total jerk who made not acceptable mistakes (which resulted in the shelter getting another doctor later (due to several complaints), but after that disaster I went with my second girl to the vet of my trust).

Cute image! :love:
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Was a bit different here.
Wasn't the shelters fault. "My" cat was very shy and no one knew if he was interested in other cats.
So i had to make sure he was not only ok with my cats around but also social.
I don't want to take im in and have my cats deal with an uninterested cat, that just wouldn't have been fair to my two cats.
So For 2,5 weeks I went to visit him every 2-3 days (at least twice a week)...he got more comfortable with me and the other cats each visit.
Before no one was interested in him because he was very shy, only hiding.
The shelter couldn't keep him on hold for me, as I wasn't sure i would take him.

In week 3 I was very sure I would take him, but a complication came. My mum couldn't find a place for  her cat for her summer holiday and took me up on my offer to take her in here.
Problem is: my mom's cat is NOT social at all. It just wouldn't have been fair to take the shelter cat into a stressful situation like that. My cats were at home, but for the new cat it would have been a new home and this terror-kitty to deal with.

The shelter said they are happy that i decided and they loved how careful I have been, but they still couldn't keep him on hold for 2-3 more weeks until aggro-kitty is gone. They said they would not present him purposefully to people, they had enough other cats to showcase, but if some one came asking for him...well he needs a home.

I understood that.

week 3,5 my brother came back from a festival and said he wouldn't go away within his holiday anymore and could take care of mums cat.
With joy I went to the shelter to get him, but the day before the couple was there and asked for him.
It was just really bad timing.
At least I could be there for him the previous weeks and help to loosen his shyness :)
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Ok, the terror-kitty part I totally understand as I had to deal with one, too. Let me rephrase, was forced to deal with her and her bad attitude turned  one of my cats into a terror, too.

But if one has a cat or more, one always has to deal with getting the cats to like each other without causing fights. Candy replaced my former boy Charly and she was the new playmate for Nikky. Now both boys were  shelter resp abandoned cats and they liked each other from the first moment.  Later you coud say, they really loved each other and Charly went ballistic if Nikky was late for coming home. They groomed each other; slept int he same place, played with each other, made each other gifts (in the form of living mice), and so on. Nikky was shaken badly thru Charly's death and I had to carefully introduce them to each other over several days. At first they slept in different rooms, but over the course of two/three weeks they spend more and more time in the same rooms.  Sure if Candy was too wild I had to stop her occasionally, but Nikky dealt with her in his own way pretty soon.

Had to do the same thing two years later when Nikky died,  and Teddy arrived.  Now Teddy being a Bengal complicates the thing, as she wants to be the boss though she's the younger one. She tries to boss Candy who usually only hisses at her, as she don't like to fight. She's the shy one until she gets pissed - then Teddy gets her fair share and walks away with her tail between her legs.

As long as a cat isn't known as terror-kitty/anti-social right from the start, one can usually get them to deal with each other on a normal base, even if they ignore each other for a while. They will find a  solution sooner or later.  The only thing one should try to look into, when getting a new cat: the new kitty should be younger than or the same age as the already owned one(s).

Maybe you have more luck with your next try and another cat finds her/his forever home with you.
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I'm sure the next kitty-crush will come in time ;)
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I usually have a crush on almost all kitties......especially babies.....but I'm sure my two divas will give me hell!
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