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A Kitty A Day ... by Trutze A Kitty A Day ... by Trutze
little speed (or WIP, maybe i polish it up some day)

...this beautiful cat was running around my neighbourhood the last week.
He is really attention seeking, jumped on my lap  and tried to follow me inside.
No one I talked to knows him or his owners, in case he has some.

He looks a bit neglected, no tattoo, no collar and i can feel no chip, therefore I assume he is a stray,
such a lovely cat needs a loving home.

I talked to the shelter and next time i see him i will bring him to them to get him checked for a owner and health,
he has some issue with his ears and needs neutering.

He obviously has an overbite, which i personally think looks charming, but the shelter says they assume that's the reason why he is on the streets.
Maybe they thought it was cute when he was still a kitten, but then got rid of him....
I personally hope people here are better than that and that he just got lost, still i am pissed at owners for not taking care of getting him neutered.
ArlenFram Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful cat with loooong teeth :) I love him!
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March 30, 2014
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