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2011065 Smokes

:icontannbutl: graciously donated a bunch of points to me and I wanted to give her a lil thank you,

So this is her beautiful cat Smokes,
I worked from the pictures in her gallery, please go and have a look [link]

Hope you like it Ann !
And I hope, I got Smokes right, if I should change something to make him look more like himself don't hesitate to tell me!

Edit Jan 2013 : added some sharpness
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The eyes are amazing. Do you have any tutorials on how you create such amazingness?
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thank you! and sorry for my late reply.
I have one step by step, it isn't a very good one, but here you go
for the eyes in this painting I had references from the owners gallery
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What program are you using for that tutorial?
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photoshop, but almost every program in which you can draw will work fine
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Oh, okay! Well, I have photoshop, but I'm a little confused on how to blend/blur colors. I use a wacom bamboo splash tablet, but no matter what I do I can never seem to be able to blend colors. Have any tips? I use photoshop CC, by the way
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hey there, i just saw Sandara put this tutorial up and thought it might be a better help for you than my answer :…
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Sorry I wanted to get back to you sooner.
I really don't know how to describe it, I take the airbrush pen-pressureon set to opacity,
then just go over it with very light pressure until the colors blend nicely,
like you do for shadings.
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i love the eyes, perfect :love:
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thank you :) I'm glad you like the eyes, that's the part i worked over the most
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WOW thats amazing!!!!!!
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Thank you and welcome to DA :) !
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i do like it. is is a painting or a reworking of the pictures? just curious.
i took your survey but don't know if i was much help since i don't play games much.
have you seen my kaleidoscope iof the cat eyes have it?
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it's painted from scratch, but sure thing I used [link] as main ref picture, also picked the colors from it

the kaleidoscope looks funny, some "images within" look like an owl.
This is really inspiring
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WOW!!! painted from scratch is something i could never do. i am really impressed.
my little photo manupliation is nothing compared to the talent you have. with different photo softwares, you can do all sorts of things. it is fun to look at your photos (especially cat ones), with all the effects available on different software. most of the ones i use are free but the one used for the cat eyes is not - it is called PhotoEchoes.
have a good day.
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WOAH! This is AMAZING! When I first saw this, I just thought it was a picture you took! But you drew this! TRULY AMAZING!
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You are welcome :)
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Beautifully done, you are really good at drawing cats. The only think I would really suggest for this piece is to try to make a bit sharper lines on the eyes just to make a good focus point.
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I see there is room for improvement and I truly appreciate your cirtism but I gave myself a time limit for those paintings as they should be quick practises, so I don't think I will work on it again unless I decide to make something more out of it.
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Not a problem. I never exspect people to go and change a finish peice based on what I say. I only say those things in hopes of future improvements.
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Genial, einfach nur genial! Ich liebe dieses Bild! Ich habe mir schon einige von deinen Katzenbildern angeschaut, aber dieses hier gefällt mir am besten!
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