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2011061 spidy

a bit sloppy,
...but that's my spider for the study project

it is a really gigantic jumping spider, with slightly longer legs than a usual jumper.

I love the baby pattern of most Avicularia (tarantulas)
and A. minatrix , so my jumper gets a similar pattern.

Avicularia minatrix is such a beautiful tarantula, you should google cute
well Aviculariae in general are lovely, but minatrix are the only ones that carry the baby pattern through out their whole lifes.
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glad you like it :)
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I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!!!!! :squee: :heart:
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thank you so much :)
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OHHH MYY GOOODDDDD So freaking cute, and so realistic!! Lovely! ^_^
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aw thank you very much, I am happy you like it so much :)
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Awesome painting! Well done!
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Wow, I think this is one of your best pieces.
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thank you, I'm really happy people seem to like my spidy :)
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Elle est trop mignonne ! ^_^ Cuuuute.
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thank you even tough i don't understand the first part :)
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aww cute is it evil
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OH PAINTING. Still adorable <3
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.. Thats real…? O.O
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