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2011056...tortoise beetle

When I suggested a tortoise beetle
to :iconcountrygirl957: upon her wish for a shiny colorful beetle I didn't knew what I was getting myself into.

This is by far the hardest to paint beetle I have done yet and I didn't manage to work in half the details these lil "bastards" have.

Still a very good practise because of the challenge it gave me.

Beetle's ID is Charidotella sexpunctata,
it can change its color from gold to shiny to dull orange, it's very interesting !!!!
Check them out

I really hope you like it CountryGirl,
and thanks SO much for beeing the first taking part in my
comsissions "a day for a day"
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This. Is. Incredible. Oh my gosh, wow. Fabulous job!!
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This is simple amazing, you did great work on it!I like it!
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thank you very much
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This is incredible, I would have sworn it was a photograph until I read the description!
Trutze's avatar
that's a great compliment, thank you
TaintedAndWinged208's avatar
Wow this looks so much like a photo :) I would love to see one in person.
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thanks and as you live in the states the chances are good you can find one,
they are about the size of a ladybird, C.sexpunctata can be found allover the american continent, mainly in the south (states virginia, n. carolina, s carolina, florida...mexico, rest south america)but were even found in Canada,
they seem to like morning glory (the plant) a lot and they are hated by gardeners for causing a great amount of damage to the plants.

Oh and they are mostly golden or orange, those "inbetween" colors as shown here only appear on rare occasions...depends on the beetles mood apparently ...
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I thought it's a photo... 0A0
Trutze's avatar
that's a great compliment,
thanks :)
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u're welcome..
but that coloring skill is insane.. ><
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You did a great job getting the iridescence to look right.
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thank you very much
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the leaf is lovely, I would get some hard edges in there however! Itll really make it pop as the beetle has hard shadows. The insect is very pretty though, i wish my skin was that pretty D:
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I actually thought about a harder shadow, but when I looked at actual photos of those beetles they don't produce too hard shadows, guess because they are half translucend.

You want your skin to be shiny and blue-pinkish?
Now that'll look funny....with your permission I'll try my best on one of your photos to make you look metallic :D
Self-Epidemic's avatar
no, i mean the leaf needs some hard shadows, the beatle looks fantastic
and yes, give me some funky skin! :D
Trutze's avatar
next time than...but thanks
Self-Epidemic's avatar
ah its okay!! (: just something to remember (:
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Your drawings of insects are masters !!!!!!!!!
I'm impressed!
We are pleased to watch them :-)

Regards Jacek
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thank you Jacek, that is great to hear, especially from someone who makes such beautiful himself ! :)
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