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My Bio
Likes and hobbies: Family; friends; meeting and hanging with peeps; GOOD story-lined, scary, romance, action, fantasy/adventure movies (examples: M. Night Shyamalan's scary movies, some Marvel films, Peter Jackson's films ["The Lord of the Rings", "The Hobbit", "The Lovely Bones"], "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Notebook" [this one's my FAVE romance], "Titanic", etc. etc.); ANIME (Naruto, Bleach, Wolf's Rain, etc.); reading (Manga, "The Door Within Trilogy", the "Tiger's Curse" series, fantasy/adventure, romance, scary, mystery); drawing (duh XD); games (Feral Heart, [I love to role play] Lord of the Rings Online, [some board and card games are fun too ^_^] etc.); music (ambient, electronic, classical, some rock, some pop, Celtic (like Enya), some 70's/80's; playing piano; horse riding (when I can, I don't have a horse sadly :(); bike riding; animals; nature; adventure.

Dislikes: People who aren't true to themselves and who use others.

Personality: Shy around new people; quite quiet even around people I already know and am good friends with, but can be very fun and funny; kind, caring and loving; doesn't have a very high confidence level, but still gets through things pretty well.

Things I would like to learn or get back into if I could: Archery; sword-fighting (with Samurai swords); Barrel racing; doing digital art, like Photoshop; skateboarding; basketball

One thing I would say to describe myself: "I'm a type of girl who would like to try so many things!" Life is too precious to not try the things you thought would be awesome to try, no matter how dangerous, spontaneous or impossible it may seem to you or others. The thing is, if I could, I would. Even if you never get the chance to, at least you had the mind to dream about it. ^_^

It's Okay...

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It's okay...It will aaaaall be okay...It just takes time...Just have paaaatience... Kinda saying this to both you *and* myself here. XD (Mostly myself...>>) I would just like to say that art...It takes time. Practice. Lots and lots of practice. Yes, you all already know this, *of course* you do, but sometimes we all need a reminder and someone to encourage us in our struggles in making everything "PERFECT." It sometimes gets so FRUSTRATING doesn't it??? When you can't get that one thing, just that ONE little thing, (or perhaps a rather big thing) right, you just feel like you want to just SCRIBBLE THE WHOLE PICTURE DON'T YOU?? Or if y
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Tee-hee :3

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Hi there!!!! Long time no see. SO as I said in my last journal entry, I would refrain from being on dA for it was a distraction from actually working on art instead of looking at it. XD Well, as you can see, there have been other distractions. -_- Of course. an iPhone....:3 sorry for not gettin'-it-in-gear with my art. :ashamed: BUT....That apology is mostly for the delay in my digital (YES I'm working on one right now! First one too!! :D Besides my first animation that is still in progress) and or traditional art.....for I have been working on some kind of other art.....:plotting: That ends there. For now. :aww: NEW DEV
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Okay. So, deviantART has become quite a distraction for me, where instead of working on art I'm just looking at art, including replying to comments, journals and what not. So, I've finally come to the conclusion to refrain from visiting DA to actually catch up on my arts. :stare: I'm sorry if you'll miss me, but, it's for the best...I will be trying my best (keyword, try, being that I have a tensity to take forever in posting new submissions...) to bring you more art of mine. I will like to send a big thank you to my watchers/commenters. :) Every watch boosts my confidence and pleasure in my own art, and every positive comment gives me hope
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Thank you for the watch! Puppy-love :D
You're welcome! Big Grin 
Your Pretty OwO
Oh! Haha lol you just now notice I put my real picture on here? XD lol
XD yes... love your hair >.>
I just got mine dyed dark brown XD
Thanks ^^ I want to post a new pic soon...>>

Ooo nice!
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Lol I don't mean to clutter your wall or anything, but...

I'm working on a fan art for you! XD lol SPOILER haha I hope you like it but if you don't, I understand completely cause let's face it, I stink >.< But I hope you'll like it...

I also want to apologize for not having some of the stuff i told you i would have done yet... I don't like working on things unless I have good ideas of what I want to do, and I can't get any ideas lately... except for this fan art for some reason. But, I'm sure I'll get the rest done sooner of later!