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Trouble: Tadashi Hamada x reader (Big Hero 6)
It was all so sudden, really.
Hiro got into serious trouble this time. He usually managed to get away, maybe with a few punches and cuts thrown in. But never had he been hunted down. And never had his brother been the target. But there it was, three individuals dressed in chic black clothes and playing with knives and guns as they circled the Hamada brothers. Before a single cut was made one of the men made a coughing sound and all three snapped to attention as if soldiers who spotted an admiral. That 'admiral' had been you.
It turned out you were rather famous in the robot fights, being the crowned 'queen' of that particular underground market. Not to mention the fact you played with the biggest Yakuza heads in the area.
You were a princess by their standards, and came from a family whose name was known and served.
"What's going on~?" And you placed an arm around Tadashi's shoulders as you raised your sunglasses to look at the men. They put their weapons away, and one even backed away
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Mature content
Illness: Ryuuken Ishida x reader (Bleach) :icontruth4sanity:Truth4Sanity 4 0
Mature content
3am: Kishou Arima x reader (Tokyo ghoul) :icontruth4sanity:Truth4Sanity 16 2
Follow: Kishou Arima x reader (Tokyo Ghoul)
"Must be nice to work all over the city." Comes a small smile and Amon just looks then slowly smiles back with a brief chuckle. And Arima mentally noted your skills at psychoanalyses. To be able to look at a man who lost his subordinate to a ghoul and make him smile. Maybe it was a reminder of the good in life, or just having a young women smile at him, look so open and friendly when she was anything but. Arima knew you carried a gun and your aim was fairly good. You may have had a desk job, but you were a strategist above all else. You could play a very dangerous game if you wanted to. The fact you were young meant nothing. Just that he was too old for you by a nice six or seven years. And Amon seemed to have captured your attention.
But when you left the both of them after that, Amon looking a bit like he expected a conversation, Amon fixed his suit and cleared his throat. He looked like he was about to make some sort of remark but Arima beat him to it.
"Don't waste her time while sh
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Offers: Lloyd x reader x Schneizel (Code Geass)
"Your type," Lloyd repeats, his hands on your hips as he helps you balance on the metal scaffolding against his newest robotic weapon. A few days ago he showed you how to properly attach and alter some wires, and he finds your fingers nimbler and quicker than his. So instead of doing the painfully slow work himself, or observing a standard enlisted mechanical engineer, he would rather get you to do it.
"Clarify," you demand, finding a new wire and trying to mentally figure out where it has to go as you mostly ignore Lloyd. Ignore his hands on your hips, his voice, the way he was supporting you up high enough that a fall would cause serious and permanent brain damage.
"Sociopaths. Respectable. Older. Prominent and smart in their own fields."
"I think you're flattering yourself... Manual?" Your holding a wire against a small metal box, and Lloyd craned forward to see what colour it was.
"No, automatic. Move that wire to the left of the red one... Did you decide wether to accept Schneizel
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Fic collection: Cid Raines x reader (FF13)
"It's raining." Raines looks up at the soft voice because it's different than usual. It's not some status update or information about the movement of troops. It's a simple observation, a comment, and the first one Raines has heard from you since you started working with him.
"Yes, it is." He lies, and he sees the tears down your cheeks and the tablet in your hands which are shaking. So it was finally agreed upon by Sanctum, the Purge was going to start.
And he takes your tablet so it won't fall in your hesitant grip, and he looks the other way, giving you what privacy he can. He never should have. He should have been quicker, but your mental prowess beats his tenfold, you're the one who he fought Rosch and Nabaat with to have in his division, to have in the Guardian Corps. But you belonged in PSICOM since you had a gun trained on his head and a demand for him to show you his hand where he once brushed something off as a 'tattoo from my training days'.
You always know what Raines
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Hacked: Shaun Hastings x reader (AC)
The screens went black, and Desmond's eyes glided open, his mind blurry and memories swirling, feeling like a computer whose power cable was just yanked out, but there was still enough power in the system for it to spiral into brief panic.
"Did the generators blow-?"
The screens began flashing white, then went black again, white words now flashing on screen with a happy smile. "You have been hacked!"
"Who's that?" Someone asks as if it was obvious, and apparently it was since Shaun was already on his phone and calling someone.
"What did I miss this time? Our anniversary or your birthday?" Shaun asks, trying to keep his voice too low for the others to hear but annoyance makes the volume rise enough that they all look at him oddly. Perhaps you did know what you were doing. Public humiliation seemed to work better than ruining his work. But that's what he got for being in Italy with two women on your anniversary with him.
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Office: Ryuken Ishida x reader
You watched him for a moment. Watched his vivid blue eyes beneath his glasses move as he read the pages before him. Watched one hand hold up his chin as his face was set in an almost disapproving look. He was leaning forward slightly and he eventually looked up at you. You watched his silver hair have a slight shine as the light from car headlights passed through the glass windows. It was about eleven at night, almost midnight, and you had wanted to finish your paperwork since tomorrow was a day the both of you had off.
"Can I help you with something?" The annoyance is clear and you raise an eyebrow slightly.
"Is this not my office?" You ask back because you could swear the door says 'chief of staff', not 'director' and that its your name on the plate on the desk. Besides, his office has to be twice the size of your own.
"I need to borrow your desk for the time being."
You're almost directly below him in terms of position, and some have jokingly called you his successor. Surely there w
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Mature content
Mornings: Ryuken Ishida x reader (Bleach) :icontruth4sanity:Truth4Sanity 5 0
Time off: Cid Raines x reader (Final Fantasy 13)
"Two weeks vacation," you say, putting down a paper before Raines's desk. He glances at it then sighs.
"I got mine starting in five days. We messed up our timing- again."
"Hey, it's not my fault your higher ups aren't as nice as mine."
"It's not exactly my fault either."
"Poor baby, the Brigadier General has too many bosses."
"It's that your division has essentially none. You're all left to roam like a bunch of cats!"
"Not true. We have annual reports."
"I have daily reports."
And you give a small laugh, as if reminding him that what's he got for joining the military.
:icontruth4sanity:Truth4Sanity 4 0
2 short fics: Tony Stark x reader
All the avengers had tried talking to you at once, all wanting to see what you did, what your powers were, what you were into. So you told them the only way you'd talk to them was if they could recite to you the solution to a problem in quantum mechanics. You were certain that would stop the outdated leader from talking, a man who's education seemed a few centuries behind you and the others.
What you did not expect was for two of the members to give you the solution without any problems. Tony Stark, who did so while trying to lean next to you on a wall and somehow capture you in his arms, and Bruce Banner, who looked a little more bashful and hit his toes into the ground, looking at such an action instead up at you. So the two men helped you move in and you all ended up talking mostly about physics and nuclear engineering, which sparked a friendship that would hopefully last.
"So, what are you powers slash weaponry slash whatever brought you near our little team. Or are you just co
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Two: Jushiro Ukitake x reader (Bleach)
You used one arm to shield you from the purple light as it almost blinded you. You kept reciting the incantation, watching the hollow struggle against the seal. As each syllable slipped through your lips it became more and more powerful, but it still seemed like the hollow would break the seal. You saw Byakuya attempt to slash the hollow cleanly through from behind, but it turned around in its cage and Byakuya thought better than to attack. He used flash step and jumped on its attacking hand before vanishing away, moving too quickly for the eyes to process. There was a moment where the hand reached out and missed, and then it's head slipped sideways before falling off, revealing a clean slice through its neck and Ukitake sheathing his blade. He did not look pleased. The seal broke like shards of purple glass which diffused into the air as you and Byakuya slowly walked up to Ukitake.
He frowned at Byakuya and gave him a very long talk on why his plan would never had worked. He then
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Two shorts: Shunsui Kyoraku x reader (Bleach)
You were so very thankful that you had not hit him.
Because your captain waltzed into the training grounds, took off his hat in a sweeping gesture next to a target and told you to hit it, not him. Sometimes Shunsui had the most outlandish suggestions, but they were always well placed. You suspected this was the one where he broke that trend. He was in bright pink, easy to see but your kidō was still shaky. You could only hope that you would not hit him. Really, truly hope.
So when he hugged you at the end and told you that you passed the test, you were promoted, you were thankful. Not that you were promoted or even that your lieutenant's stern nod agreed to your captain's test for promotion. But that you hadn't hit him.
"Are you insane?!" Was all you could ask him once your heart calmed down.
"No, just drunk." His lieutenant murmured beneath their breath.
He loved his lieutenant like a daughter who had grown up too quickly, and he loved you as if you were still a
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Routine: Fox Mulder x Reader (X-files)
"I didn't expect to see you back here. Running back to the X-files?"
"You wish. I'm just passing a case onto you. It was given to me, but I've decided it's too... odd for my unit."
"Too odd for the people who chase down psychopaths who do brain surgery with screwdrivers? Too odd for the people who hire said mad doctors a few years later?"
"We've been passing it back and forth, we're divided into biology and psychology down there. In any case, we think these suicides came from outside influence. And we couldn't find anything but the fact they all claimed to have seen a fairy a few days before. They claimed it was a guardian angel of the sorts, they act spontaneously happy, and then they suddenly die. And before you call it a government conspiracy, I work closely with PsyOps, it's not their doing."
"So the elitist have decided it's must be a supernatural being because they can't solve it?"
"We've run every test, we've dissected the victims and their lives piece by piece. We've spoken to
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Unfinished Start: Suleiman x reader x Ezio (AC)
You married Suleiman a year ago, and while he studied abroad, you went back to your own aristocrat lifestyle in your home country. You learnt politics by your grandparent's government, and studied the country of your husband in books.
You eventually went there with him, and he smiled as he showed you his city, sincere as he spoke about its problems. He was always reminded how good of a wife you were, you knew politics and government, and were wise beyond your young years, much like him.
You were used to a life with loyal guards, your entire family protected by swordsman who lived by a strict code of honour. To not have one made you almost paranoid.
After you tasted something retched in a glass of wine, a taste you tasted before, you stood up suddenly. Suleiman looked at you with concern, rising to see if you were alright as the his uncle placed a hand on your shoulder to soothe your spirit.
"There was poison in my wine."
Suleiman's uncle took a sip of your wine and spat it back in the
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His child: Maes x reader x Roy (FMA)
"I- I want you to hold her," Maes's speech was soft in volume only, his tone almost sounded like he would start crying. He was happy, of course he was. He was smiling but biting his lip at the same time. His daughter was born, his wife was sleeping, and you and Roy had beat the relatives in visiting to congratulate him and take photos. Riza was standing outside as if a guard after a short congratulations. You and Roy had not been seen by his wife, it was a quiet affair, really, just him outside until the doctors said he could come in and that the child was a beautiful and healthy girl.
She was the only one birthed in the military hospital that day- or month, to be more precise, so she got the best doctor and nurses. His wife was heavily put under by pain drugs she had to sleep off, and so she only had time to smile at the child, touch the baby's cheek, then she drifted off without a word.
The child wouldn't be named until Gracia woke up, so Maes couldn't do much but hold it and smile.
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