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Game Grumps Valentine's Cards - NEVER FEAR

Does it smell funky fresh? Or does it just smell like a funk?

This is what happens when I get carried away with an idea. :P
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Awww, this is precious! I really like how you changed the lyrics to Crasher-Vania (which is my favourite Starbomb song!) and turned it into something so adorable and sweet.
All of your Valentines are awesome! You have such lovely ideas. ^^
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Awww geeeeez... :blush: That's so flattering of you to say! I'm really glad you like them. :blushes:

Crasher-Vania is undoubtedly my favourite Starbomb song as well! I wondered for that whole week how I could change the lyrics to it, but in the end I just gave it my best try an this is what resulted. I loved what happened to the Simon Belmont sprites when I threw Starbomb colours on them. =P

You know, actually, I sent your old account a thank-you Note for all of the favourites and the +Watch and stuff, and mostly because I thought you were an awesome person who I'd want to try reaching out to. Then I noticed your account-switching post and I was all like "Darn! :/"

I'm glad you liked my cheesy puns and quote-morphing! I think you're quite a lovely person yourself, for complimenting my work and being so gosh-darned friendly!
Hahahaha, I love it! Very nice. :)

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Thanks a lot! It was a really big stretch when I first thought of it, but I somehow brought it home. I'm most proud of my Starbomb Simon Belmont sprites. :P