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everlasting light

a somewhat belated valentine's. a quick sketch of harry and ginny using a reference i found forever ago.
maybe their first valentine's day after the war?

i hope you told them you loved them.


harry and ginny © jk rowling
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I love this almost more than anything :)
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love song so much
love your together they are sooo good))))
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:blushes: thank you so much!
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Ginnys legs look a bit weird, but hey, this is a quite difficult pose ... nevertheless, it's sweet.
I love this! I saw this picture on Pinterest a while ago but the link was to a tumblr that had no reference to the artist... it's so exciting to have found you! Now I can look through all your artwork!
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oh, well I'm glad you have found the source. that's a problem with art and the internet. everyone removes credit. google image search is great for finding the source, in the future should you have the same issue. :) but thank you for your kind words.
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I love this so much !!!
Oh my goodness! I have seen this picture in so many different collages of Harry Potter fan art, and I've loved it, but I've not been able to find the artist! This is so good!
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I found this picture on pinterest some time ago and fell utterly and completely in love with it. To say the least this was one of the things that started me drawing again all the time. So yeah thank you for drawing beautiful pictures.
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I'm sorry for such a belated response, but thank you so much for you kind words. I don't know what to say, but I'm so flattered something I did helped you to start drawing again. Never stop drawing, and draw what makes you happy :love:
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Thank you! I'm drawing like crazy and working hard since I'm possibly considering (crazy but) art college in a few years. So thank you thank you thank you!
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Definitely go for it! I'm not good at heeding my own advice, but practice constantly and try new things. You'll be brilliant. :)
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I love all the detail that goes into their hair and their faces are just the cutest thing ever.
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That's just a little bit adorable (:
Amazing drawing ;)
love these two!! this picture is brilliant :D
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I love you Harry and Ginny! ;)

I also love this drawing. Drool. <3
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ginny's hair is gorgeous! Love it
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I saw this on tumblr, so I clicked the link thinking it was The Black Keys song, and it was! I adore this drawing its amazing :D
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