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Chow Down

"Now wasn't it her mom who ate your dad?"
And having parents eaten makes us mad!"

I've been having a really stressful couple of weeks, so I wanted to do something just fun and relaxing, so I decided to do another re-draw of one of my old Lion King fan art pieces. It was one of my favorites when I did it originally and I love it more than ever now. It's based of The Lion King on Broadway song "Chow Down", more specifically the two line quoted above. 

I did try to make the hyenas, especially Banzai look younger here, that's why he has a little hair tuft and not the little whisps of hair on his head and chin.

The original image can be found here:
Chow Down(Old)
It was done back in July of 2009.

So as I mentioned, I have been under some stress, just to name a few:
-Our neighbors house caught fire two weeks ago, our nearly doing so. His oxygen tanks exploded because of the fire so having issues with any loud noises ><
-Might possibly be making a 500 mile move soon...Which scares the living daylights out me as the area I live in now is where I've lived my whole life
-To top it all off, my tablet ports died while in the middle of drawing this. My awesome fiance was kind enough to let me borrow his little tablet for the time being(though it is so small compared to me behemoth). I'm going to see if I can RMA mine or not. Commissions would be a big help though....just in case.

Art may come, but it will be slow. Commissions will have top priority. :3

Enjoy the art :3

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I guess I heard the lyrics of the song wrong!.: confusion :.

What I'm saying is when hearing the 2nd line, which is part of the song, I thought it goes "And having parents's too sad!" Discord Emoji - Thinking

Anyway, I like your picture of Nala attacking the hyena in the butt!

It's almost like herself attacking him from the movie!

Adult Nala Attacks02
Adult Nala Attacks03
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the picture is of Sarafina, Nala's mother.

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I actually think it's Nala, not her mother, Sarafina.

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Nala's gonna bite the hyena's butt!
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that's actually her mother Sarafina.

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i deleted everything i posted because tbh the only reason i made an account is so i could read fanfiction on here *like the x reader stuff*. i'm probably going to delete my account later once i've finished reading the story i'm reading on here *i really want to know what happens*. furthermore i can't draw *except for this picture i once did that's not online that was supposed to be an otter and turned into a weasel*. i did make some edit's and stuff but i took them all down as i changed my mind about sharing them. normally i would be on wattpad reading fanfic's but the fanfic i'm reading isn't on wattpad so here i am for now.

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Sarafina: Get back here NOW! (Chases Banzai's dad)

Banzai: DAAAAAD!!! (cries)

Shenzi: Oh, no...

That was tragic. HOW DARE SARAFINA DO THIS!!! Now it is Shenzi's time to take care of Banzai.
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It's verry beautiful !!!
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Poor Banzai :( stupid Sarafina!
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Awwwww love Banzai in the background sooooooooooo cute:hug:and I feel bad for him in this picture losing his father:cries:,great pic though:thumbsup:
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Well. I understand why the hyenas wanted to eat the cubs after this. You just cann feel sorry for the hyenas, especially Banzai...
Great Work on this anyways! :clap:
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Sarafina looks so fierce, I do feel sorry for the hyenas here. Great work!:)
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The lighting is just amazing!
you amazing artist you!
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I don't understand this whole situation

someone please explain to me what is happening?
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In the song "Chow Down" from TLK on Broadway, Shenzi mentions that Nala's mother ate Banzai's father. This is an illustration of that event.
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aww i feel so sorry for the hyenas right now
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i would hate to be the hyena on the sharp end of her claws....nicely done
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Oh WOW really big difference!! I really love the detail in this! Like the muscles on the fierce lioness...> : ) Who is it supposed to be? Sarafina??

Oh wow that really is stressful. :( I hope it gets better. :) God be with you and those around you. 
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