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ssj 2 bra

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i was reading the dragon ball multiverse which is a really good web comic by the way and thought hmmmm maybe i should draw some characters from that series, so i did....and here she is super sayian 2 bra damaged and is about to lose her mind lol hope yall like
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what I like the most about it that even she's a fighter, she has her nails polished :)
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I thought it was Caulifla
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Good work. i love bra
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Like father like daughter XD
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Bra in her super saiyan 2 form really amazing art work! love it!!!
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she looks like she's having a heart attack or something
just saying
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she looks so incredibly badass here, but i'd truly hate to piss her off is she were PMSing, just imagine what she'd do to you then!! (shudders)
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She looks great!!!
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Each time I see this drawing, I'm speechless. One of the best DBM fanart ever !
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OwO This is awesome
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Love te color of her nail polish , it goes with the color of her sports bra .
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I wish bra was like this in the actual show. a deadly, powerful, super saiyan babe with a bad temper. Am i the only one who finds that hot?
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really love the colors to your designs :D oh and the nail was a nice touch XD
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wonderfulll well drawn..colors are beautiful..sold picture
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ive never really seen bra go into her super sayian form niether pan they dont really show it but i think they should have more ssj girls on it >x]
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this bra if probably from the manga dragon ball multi-dimension, b/c in the story this bra is stronger the SSJ vegito
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Bra looks half crazy here...
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hey nice pics i like all ur art work, i got one as a laptop wallpaper keep it up, yea get sum copy rights tho cause sum ppl like to steal and take credit on ur hard work like this one person tha this site
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Love it. I like DB Multiverse also
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