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its finally done and i also added a few new characters that were not seen in the previous lineart version....hope yall like
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Beautiful amazing art work of dragon ball multiverse love it!!
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Ur Amazing
I love ur art
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Ok 1st Of All I Love 2nd Of All I Love It! lol
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awesome! i spy pan's kamehameha and bra's IT
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This is tight! You're one of the best artists I've seen here at deviantART! GOOD JOB! :D:D

DBZ and Sonic pairings:
Goku and Sonic
Vegeta and Shadow
Piccolo and Knuckles
Future Trunks and Silver
Chi Chi and Amy
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Awesome tribute to this doujinshi. :thumbsup:
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I like this alot trumks :)
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this is a masterpiece. What do you color with?
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sharpie markers and color pecils
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Good gracious! This is Awesome!!! :jawdrop:
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seriously...ur awesome
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That's so cool! Really great job! :D
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OMG!!! GUAuu!! is..kooL great job...=D
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Dude awesome job!!!
This is going to the faves!!
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Fantastic! Wonderful!
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Great scenes.
Maybe you should have started the rays at the Uub's hands, to look like the kamehameha rays (like you done for Pan). But that's even a cool work.
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Wow this just made me realize, I there any African-american Saiyans o.O????
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I mean in all the generations of DBZ
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