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Sudeki - Buki - Let my whisper be your guide...

'Let me watch over you,my dear.
As for my secrets and warm feelings,
I will gladly share them with you...
just listen to my whisper.'



DJ Paul Elstak - The Promised Land…

Buki: I think I like you,dear...:heart: :heart: :rose: :heart:

DJ Supreme Vs. The Rhythm Masters - Enter The Scene…

Hannah = Good Feeling…

Darryl D'Bonneau - I Came Back…
:rose: :wow: :rose:


I am sure...sure of you...

Montreal Sound - Sure of You…
Let's get this party started
Hacienda -Plüsch- Videoclip…

Rachel McFarlane - Lover…
J.U.S.T. - Dance with me…
:rose::rose::wow: :blush:


:rose: Buki...I just love you.:rose::happycry:

Edit:fixed the anatomy and proportions,chest,
added shading,changed the color palette.
In the end had to draw a completely different picture.
The idea came to me when I saw
the calm huntress Buki from the game Sudeki,
after getting her final attire.

Here I have drawn catgirl Buki-backshot...
in a calm and sensual mood ,
dressed in her revealing and elegant,final armor-Coelacanth Scale.

This piece of art was done as my
tribute to creators of Sudeki,Climax.

It was done according to her official design
and the original character design sketches.
I tried to keep true to her design
from the official concept art sketches
and the game itself.

Also,accept my apologies for the flaws...even though
I am quite satisfied with this calm huntress,Buki.
A special dedication,which marks the end of our story.
:hug: :iconlucio7lopez: :happycry:

2 years went by quickly:nod:

Dedicated to all these talented artists :
a birthday gift for

and also a tribute to
the talented artists

The songs :
Yves Murasca & Ron Carroll - Everyone…
York - Farewell to The Moon…
:wow: :rose: :wow:
Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer In C…

Photek feat. Robert Owens-Mine to give…
:rose: :rose:

Selda - 100% Pure Love…

Leanne Brown - Never Had Love ft. Fake Remedy…

Berri - Shine Like a Star…

The Funk Junkeez - Got Funk…
Fawni - Serious…

Angel City feat. Lara McAllen - Touch Me (2004)…
Lazard feat. Beverly Craven - 4 o'clock (in the morning)…
Tensnake feat. Syron - Mainline

Mike Vale & Sylvain Ft. Lara Love - Mysterious…

"Shine on me" - Tikaro, J.Louis & Ferran feat. Clarence…

Whelan & Di Scala - Breath Away…
Whelan & Di Scala - Teardrops…
Mark Oh feat.Cecile - The team on tour…
Kid Crème - Hypnotising…
Sylvia Tosun vs Noferini Marini - Push 'N Pull…

Neja - "Restless"…
Ascension - For A Lifetime…
"The Club Stars" Feat. Dot Comma Trust Me! (Official Video)…
web - radio heaven…

The beat of nature:

「Gymnopedies No 1 (B4's Theme)」Ef スバルレガシィB4 CM曲…

DJ Sammy feat. Carisma - Sunlight (Official Video)…

Come With Me - Caroline Lund

Above and Beyond - Alone Tonight…

Most energetic one::love:
Kantik Ft. Adonx - Rio De Janeiro…
T-Empo - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning…

Sensual dance: Ursula 1000 - Mondo Beyondo…
Waiting for someone ! Spin That Wheel - Wake Up…

Parachute Youth - Can't Get Better Than This

J.U.S.T - Searching, video…

:wow: The Shamen - Phorever people… 1992

Rapination & Kym Mazelle - Love Me the Right Way…

Enriquez - A little bit of ecstasy

Buki: let's party !
Scuba - NE1BUTU (Official Music Video)…

Starburst - Get Your Jucies Going (2002)…

Buki & Sudeki Copyright © CLIMAX

Thanks everyone for your support and over 6000 views !

It is a prize in itself:heart:

:heart: I will always remember the 12th of December.
The most rewarding work I've ever made:
:heart:Buki,the calm huntress .:heart:

Sound Attack - Stand up…
Buki: Stand up and reach the sky...
and just tell me how you feel inside...
:rose: :wow: :rose:
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© 2009 - 2021 trumi
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Niezła robota :)

Popracowałbym jednak trochę nad twarzyczką.
trumi's avatar
Dziękuję za miłą opinię. Poza była ciężka. Buki jest taka sexy :)
MarkersColored400's avatar
trumi's avatar
I am glad you think so.
dreamcastzx's avatar
I Sorta Have To Agree With maxa-Art Don't Get discouraged.
trumi's avatar
Glad you think so.
By the way,I just love Buki...
trumi's avatar
She has gorgeous curves,sexy silver swimsuit, calm voice,very passionate and loyal approach...
what's not to love...? Buki...

It was a tough pose,but I am happy about the final result.
I have inspired many people with my work on her and this fact also gives me joy..
dreamcastzx's avatar
It would to anyone it's greatest feeling in the world.
trumi's avatar
I agree with you.
To give someone inspiration - this is the best reward.
dreamcastzx's avatar
It's makes our art that much more meaningful.
trumi's avatar
It sure does.

Buki reminds me of this song:…
I wish she was voiced by the woman who says gently: Be good to me...
at the start...
the song is as sexy as Buki...

Don't you think it fits her ? :heart:
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Maxa-art's avatar
Well, as you requested, I'm posting my thoughts on your picture here.

well I will summarize it simply. I apologize in advance because i will be focusing more on mistakes, it must not discourage you.

The back and the head aren't bad, somewhat a little rigid. You must imrove your curves on the limbs, it seems the arms and legs are cylinders. The drawing is dark, the background is black and it's pretty hard to see. It's pretty obvious that you hid the hands on purpose to not have to draw them ^^, so it's not very natural. When you color with color pencils or the like, try to not make darker marks, maybe try to color with strokes always in the same direction ^^. The breasts are showing a little too much from this angle I think (depending of the breat's size, though).

As I say don't take all that as a way to discourage you, drawing is a long journey full of walls you must overcome, so good luck !

(and saying that I see that this work is from 2009, are you sure a review on such an old piece is useful ? XD)
trumi's avatar
It is both a pleasure and an honor for me to hear such  a kind and helpful opinion from someone as talented and skilled as you:nod:

Thank you for your kind words.

Your observations gave me a bit of confidence.

Glad you care and took your time to aid me.:love:
streetgals9000's avatar
She looks like one of the girls of Mortal Kombat and she looks pretty !!! :D  
trumi's avatar
She is a huntress,calm,spiritual and mysterious.

I just love her.

My friends honored her with their works,too.Check them out,you'll be impressed,I promise.
streetgals9000's avatar
I will see it and thanks.  
trumi's avatar
You are a kind person,pleased to meet you.
streetgals9000's avatar
Pleased to meet you too, Trumi :)  
trumi's avatar
Thank you for the praise !
TsukiNoKatana's avatar
is a great job and also you'll wish you luck
trumi's avatar
You are very kind and polite,my dear.
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