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Sailor Mars Summer memories

'Well...I never thought that beach is such a cool place,
so I guess I will stay there for a little longer. '

Rei Hino/Sailor Mars

As Rupaul sings it:
Everything looks good
on you and you better work Rei Hino/Sailor mars is a fashion magazine cover star ! :heart:

I got inspired by
Rei Hino
manga version and depiction as the queen of Mars.
I wanted to draw Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
as the queen of her Planet mars,
standing in front of the wall.
I gave her the mars tiara,black bodysuit,
resting in a relaxed,gentle and calm pose.
She is shown from the front,with her arms bend.
Tools: traditional:markers,crayons by Staedler.
Series and characters copyrighted ©
by Naoko Takeuchi
Rei always wanted to be a model...:heart:
She now poses for the fashion magazine photographers =)
I dedicate it to
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© 2009 - 2022 trumi
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thank you :)

hope its not to late to say this ;)
trumi's avatar
It is never too late for such things...
still the work is old as the hills now.
trumi's avatar
You earned it,you are truly skilled !
EmeraldSora's avatar
What?! Oh wow never had anything dedicated to me before....THANK YOU!!! :D
trumi's avatar
I felt like doing it-
did you like it ?
trumi's avatar
All the best and good fortune,
fellow Sailormoon fan:hug:
EmeraldSora's avatar
:w00t: and the same to you too! :D
SChappell's avatar
very beautiful, I love her calm expression, it fits her personality perfectly :D thanks for the dedication :hug:
trumi's avatar
Ahh.. I shed a tear :heart:
That is the power of friendship and hard work !
All is for you here,to enjoy fruits of my work,dear. :kiss:
Your newest projects will be
a pleasure to be seen ;-)
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Nice see your arts again, my friend ^^ And also you kept your great style drawing lovely girls in nice swimsuits and bodysuits =D Very cute one! This swimnsuit style fits great on her ;)
House-of-Kadamon's avatar
Hey... you improved quiet nicely in your absence.
trumi's avatar
I had to practice and improve,even when
I had drawn for my self own pleasure,dear :heart:
Shinobi-Gambu's avatar
I am seeing a couple of improvements as you kept on drawing man. Keep it up! :thumbsup:
trumi's avatar
You are very kind,
I apprecieate it,pal.
Shinobi-Gambu's avatar
You welcome buddy. :)
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