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Rosenkreuzstilette Luste the daydreamer

This is already a concept for a Luste Teuber
project I am working on.

This picture shows only her head,
but I am going to work on it=it is still

Luste teuber-Rosenkreuzstilette
Job for :iconsuperjustinbros:
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I know this is a "work in progress" but I was scrolling through your artwork and immediately noticed the eyes. Even though they are not "colored in" I found them striking. Keep up the good work! :)
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Thanks for the positive encouragement.:hug:
I think at the present day I lack the confidence
needed to finish her picture ,though.
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Everyone needs encouragement at times! I say if you love what you do, do it (as in the act of it lol). If you don't, find something you do love. I have recently transitioned from drawing mostly people, to drawing mostly flowers. I can go back an forth and feel better about my work. I have way to many pictures I haven't finished! Lol What I do is have my sketch pad beside me on the couch as we watch tv or something. That let my edit stuff. 'Cause I convince myself I have no time to draw. :P
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good start hope to see it completed
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really ?you think it is a good start ?
Oh,thank you:hug:
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nice work^^
świetne zblizenie twarzy
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Miło mi to usłyszeć,ellie:nod:,
dziękuję serdecznie-to dopiero wstępny koncept-ciągle nad nią pracuję-
a pozatym chcę inaczej zrobić niż typową Luste z Rosenkreuzstilette ;-)
a mam też prośbę-co powiesz
o mojej pracy Sudeki Buki
the calm huntress ?
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Quite nice. If you want to give the glasses more effect, try and lightly shade the glasses.
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Thank you very much.
It is still work in progress,
but I think the head is good
and it will remain as it is/ =)
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Thanks,it is still
work in progress.
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