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Pokemon - Misty - The tale of sadness

"He defeated I admitted that he was skilled...
then I gave him the Cascade Badge,and he left me all alone...
I have never seen him again since then...I feel so lonely."
Above and Beyond - Alone Tonight…
Angel City - Touch me…

Edit:Edited eyes,smimsuit,skin color,shoulders.

Well,I haven't drawn her before,
yet I wanted to give her a different feel...
That's why I dyed her hair and gave her black gloves+swimsuit.
Energetic,hard working and warm hearted,
Misty,aka 'Water queen'-is one of my favourite trainers.

She is thinking about her battle,
feeling a little sad.
Impressed by her opponent skills,
she is in deep thought
and feels calm and quiet.
This is her swimsuit from the 'Electric Tale of Pikachu' .

Tools:Stablo Marker,Staedler pencils, Citadel acryl paints.

Apologies for the flaws.
I kinda like the way she turned out...
but I still have a long way to go.
Electric Tale of Pikachu © Copyright by Toshiro Ono
Most importantly, dedicated to a fellow Misty fan :
and a dedicated gift for:
then a gift for:
dedicated to:
for a talented Misty fan:

and :rose::iconnopennamegirl::rose: and:iconx4blade:


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streetgals9000's avatar

Oh boy, I always love Misty in that kind of swimsuit !!! XD

trumi's avatar

I just hope that my work has aged well, to be honest.

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My favourite version of her.
trumi's avatar
Bless your kindness:hug:
Kisarasmoon's avatar
Awwww no problem n_n 
Rosvo's avatar
looks quite cool
trumi's avatar
Thank you very much.

Your opinion made me feel much happier.
trumi's avatar
Worked hard on this one.
darkchapel666's avatar
And it was well worth it!
Good job!
Acid-Rabbit-Art's avatar
cool draw, nice concept.
trumi's avatar
Thank you very much:nod:
Demonshark151's avatar
You did a really great job with the swimsuit! I like the hair too >w<
trumi's avatar
You are very kind.

This version of Misty was awesome...:blush:
Demonshark151's avatar
Aw, thanks~

And yeah, I really like it >w<
trumi's avatar
She was really caring,energetic,hard working and warm hearted...her best version...
Dragoon-mode's avatar
this one has a pretty good anatomy also ^^, however since you did colored her skin you should use a second tone to add some shadows, in that way her body will be more defined! ^^
trumi's avatar
Indeed,I gotta work on these aspects.

Tiny,neat touches like this make the work more complete:nod: 

Your advice is sound and helpful. And you are very kind.
Revereiia's avatar
This is really great~!
You did an awesome job on this drawing > u <
trumi's avatar
Aww,that's sweet !

Well,one may say my Misty lacks a bit of details...but still...
I wanted to capture her emotions,feelings of sadness and a bit of disappointment.

She enjoys a challenge and tough battles and I liked her adult approach to things in the manga.
JutaWi's avatar
Wow, na początku pomyślałam, czy to naprawdę "ta" Misty, a potem przeczytałam opis I wszystko jasne XD
Powiem, że w czarnym jej do twarzy, całkiem ładna ci wyszła :)
Misty to postać która dla mnie nie była niczym szczególnym, ale gdyby była taka jak tutaj, lubiłabym ją o wiele bardziej :3
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